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What’s Next For Askren?

What’s Next For Askren?


After all of the lead up, hype, and twitter beef Askren has finally arrived in the UFC. Controversy aside we got to learn a lot about Askren in 3 minutes and 20 seconds. In the first seconds of his bout with his opponent the always game Ruthless Robbie Lawler Askren found himself on the wrong end of a grappling exchange. You read that right, All-time grappling great Askren found himself getting the worst of the grappling exchange.

Describing what happened to the Funky one as a slam would be a little inaccurate. It was more like a spike. It almost looked as though Robbie Lawler was back in Iowa slamming fence posts into the ground. Or should we say spiking fence posts. Either way, Askren’s debut was almost ended in the worst way possible, being beaten at his own game.

On top of that he was on the receiving end of some “Ruthless” ground and pound with only one hand to defend. Eventually Askren was able to establish an underhook and get back to his feet. Talk about things not going your way! Where some previous athletes meet adversity and either switch their strategy or fold like a card table, Askren kept pushing forward with the same gameplan.

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Watching Askren get put through all of the trials and tribulations made a lot of people fans that night. Especially if you understand who Robbie Lawler is. Despite their being some controversy, both athletes only went UP in our book. Askren has brought a lot of attention to the sport, and has a refreshing approach to making a name for himself. The question is what’s next?

Many people immediately took to social media and demanded these two run it back. Dana White made it clear that he would like to see the rematch due to a “bad stoppage”. Askren on the other hand has other plans. He made it very clear that with his Tyron Woodley’s blessing he would like to take on Kamaru Usman for the Welterweight title. The problem with that is Dana White said that the fight to make is Colby Covington vs Usman. Who do we believe.


Does Robbie get a chance at revenge? Or will Askren get his chance to obtain UFC gold in his second fight? We will see soon enough, THANKFULLY!

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