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Why Mobility Is A Necessity For Jiu-Jitsu?

Why Mobility Is A Necessity For Jiu-Jitsu?


Should You Add Mobility And Movement To Your Jiu-Jitsu Training?

Have you ever seen those guys who just have the ability to "move"?  Like their bodies are somehow missing a bone that allows to flow with ease from position to position?  Their athleticism is frustrating and impressive at the same time.
Yet when most of us try to move and flow well, we just look like a baby seal waiting to get clubbed... too far? 🙂

When you break jiu-jitsu down to it's purest forms, it is a collection of movement patterns.  

There is efficiency to these movements that come from athletic training that happens outside the dojo.  Some of this mobility is earned through wrestling, yoga for BJJ, other martial arts or gymnastics training, but for grapplers who do not have any experience - these movements need to be worked.

The question is, how do you enhance movements for Jiu-Jitsu when you only have time to train Jiu-Jitsu OR you're one of those guys/girls who just can't step away from the mat?

The answer is fairly simple - deliberate and focused practice.  When you're drilling jiu-jitsu technique, don't be one of the guys or girls who rush through it, BS the whole time, and just wait to roll.Use the training time to use the technique as a way to drill the movement.  

Meaning, when you are doing the technique focus on the most efficient way to do it.  Watch your coach - observe where he puts his hands, moves his hips, stands, steps, etc.  Then ASK your coach simply if you're doing it right, ask him how to make it better, let him know if you feel clunky, and most importantly - rep it out!  

For those who are looking to take their movement training a step further, then it is time to explore other areas of training to improve your Jiu-Jitsu movement.
It's no big secret that many Jiu-Jitsu athletes use Yoga or similar like movement programs to enhance their abilities on the mat.  

Not only do these programs increase mobility and flexibility, but my God will it make your body feel young, healthy and unhinged.  I guarantee you that once you start doing it, you're going to wish you started it earlier.  

Learn How To Unlock Your Jiu-Jitsu Movement Ability

But then there's the big "let's be honest" ... no one wants to spend time in a Yoga class with goats walking all over them (actually that kinda sounds cool) ... most of us would rather go through a program by grapplers for grapplers.  

When talking about high level grapplers, it's hard to deny the Travis Stevens is absolutely one of the best grapplers in the world.  Silver in the Olympics for Judo and Black Belt in BJJ under John Danaher.  

Travis Stevens teams up with Strength, Conditioning and Movement specialist: Scott Georgaklis to give you a 30-min routine including the exercises and drills to train your body to heal injuries, increase mobility, reduce inflammation in joints and increase grappling movement strength.

To grab  Travis Stevens DVD / On Demand Set Click Here.



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