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Enjoying All Aspects Of Competing

Enjoying All Aspects Of Competing


It's Not Only Just The Day Of...

Most people that train jiu-jitsu will compete at least one time during their journey. And those of us that have, we know all of the hard work and dedication we put into the day of. We know it all comes down to the day of competition, but do not forget the journey you took to get there. Competing is more than just the day of. The grind, the hard work, and the hours put in are not only making you ready for the competition, but are making your jiu-jitsu better, and making you a better person.

The Training Leading Up To Your Competition

If you are going to confidently compete in a tournament, you should be preparing accordingly. You should be one of the first people on the mats, and one of that last ones off. You should be putting in extra work to get the results you expect. There is no cutting corners when you compete, or they are going to show the day of.

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While doing this, embrace it. Do not see it as a burden, or even just a means to an end. Think of it as an investment in your jiu-jitsu, and as an investment in yourself. You are doing more than just getting ready for a competition. You are getting in better shape, learning how to deal with an increased workload, honing your skill set and becoming a better human being. It may be hard to see, but make sure you reflect on this. It will make the experience all around better.

The Day Of

This is it! You are here! You are nervous. You are scared. Maybe you haven't had an appetite for a day or so. Maybe you didn't sleep last night. Most of this is pretty normal for most people that compete. It is nerve-wracking. But, you have prepared. You have did all that you can leading up to this day.

Enjoy the experience. Most people are too afraid to step onto a competition mat. You did them one better. So, be proud of yourself. Enjoy the nerves. Not only is it making you a better jiu-jitsu practitioner, but it is making you a better person. Most people do not get to practice being scared and nervous in a safe environment. But, you do, and you are. So, be thankful for that.

The Time After

Win or lose, we ALWAYS learn something from competition.

Winning is great. We all like to win right? Our hard work paid off, and we get to be the guy with our hand raised. Maybe we even get to stand at the top of the podium with a gold medal. Be grateful, but also be humble. Do not think that winning is a pass to neglect your jiu-jitsu. I am sure you still made some mistakes out there. Fix them. Be glad that you won, but be sure to get back to work.

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Losing is what really makes us think. And bad thoughts do creep in. My hard work was not hard enough. I didn't execute. I suck at this. All these things may pass though your mind. But, do not fall into this trap of self-loathing. Be glad you went out there. Most people won't. and , be glad you have the ability to make it out there.

Most importantly, be sure to reflect on the loss, and learn from it. But, do not get lost in the loss. Review your tape. Fix your errors. Reflect on what you did to get there, and be proud of that. Have you ever worked on anything as hard as you did to get ready to compete? I bet not. Did you improve parts of your game when you were getting ready? I bet you did. Do not get lost in the negative emotions. Focus on the good, and improve. That is what we are really here for right?

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