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Leg Drag Counter with IBJJF Legal Foot Lock Finish

Leg Drag Counter with IBJJF Legal Foot Lock Finish


Leg Lock In IBJJF? Yes, And Here Is The Technique!

A good leg drag is worth its weight in gold, and if the passer is proficient it can be very difficult to recover from. Various counters may focus on what to do after the leg drag has already been completed. But what about a more preemptive approach to countering the leg drag. Once our legs are smashed together and the passer has achieved position, it may be too late to start thinking about reestablishing your guard, or mounting any counter offensive for that matter.

In this video Mikey Musumeci shares a great counter to the leg drag with Bernardo Faria. Take a look.

This technique is a little more proactive in defending the leg drag as Musumeci is taking preventative steps against the techniques and turning into an offensive play for himself.

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Musumeci begins with opening his right knee in the opposite direction that the passer wishes to fold it. He then pummels his left foot back to the inside of Farias leg, and uses his instep as a hook. These two ideas couple with a hand in the collar create the distance Musumeci needs to get to work.

He then uses the 3 points of contact to pull Faria forward, and then pushes him away. He stretches his left leg and brings the instep to the inside of Faria's thigh, while his right instep is charged with the task of now controlling Faria's shoulder. Quite a tangle! Musumeci alludes to the idea of always making De La Riva hooks on his opponents’ body, creating a sticky situation for his partners. An interesting concept to take note of.

Still with me?

Musumeci moves his butt slightly, and switches his right hand to his partners far shoulder. He brings Faria forward and pushes him away a second time, this makes the near side leg light and attackable.

Musumeci then uses IBJJF legal mechanics to finish the foot lock, which are definitely worth knowing.

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There’s definitely some content here, but this is a fantastic answer to a leg drag that finishes beautifully with a foot lock. Give it a shot!

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