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Why Professionals Need To Train Jiu Jitsu

Why Professionals Need To Train Jiu Jitsu


The Daily Grind Meets the BJJ Grind

Working in a professional environment can be tough on us. Tight deadlines, an overbearing boss, mind bending problems, and indolent co-workers. The stress this bears can be crushing sometimes. And most times, unfortunately, it can work it's way into our personal lives. As adults, and as humans really, we need to have a way to clear our mind. A way to allow us to de-stress, and decompress. Our jobs can easily run our lives, and take over everything we do. This is where jiu-jitsu comes in. It can give us a way to de-stress, give us a healthy outlet for our mind and body, and give us something other than work to focus on.

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Jiu-Jitsu is an outlet, and a powerful one when applied within the pathway of personal stress relief. This is due to many factors; self reliance, perseverance, will power, and discipline . And of course there are a ton more, but most of all, it is just plain, old tough. Jiu-jitsu is tough. It is a tough martial art. People crushing you, trying to breath, trying to remember all of the techniques that are being taught to you. It is hard. And, before long, it makes you tough. You become a tougher person because of it. And from this new found toughness, things in life, and work, become a little more trivial, and a whole lot easier. The fact that Janet did not get that report in on time does not really matter much anymore!


A great man once said that jiu-jitsu “silences the voices”. And this is 100% true. And this is a huge benefit that jiu-jitsu offers. And a lot of people do not realize that. We all can take work home with us, and can really be eaten up by the events of the work week. This is when you need to head to a jiu-jitsu class. For that hour or so, all the worry and stress seems to melt away. You can clear your mind, and focus on your jiu-jitsu. It is actually really easy, since there isn't much to think about when all your friends are trying to kill you! You can not think about deadlines when the 250lb. brown belt has you stuck in side control. Jiu-jitsu requires you to be in the moment, so enjoy it. Enjoy the moments away from your work stress.

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Life, and work, can be tough. But people who train jiu-jitsu are tougher. Make the time to get on the mat. Take the time away from work emails and phone calls to make it to the gym. Head to the gym, see all of your training partners, focus on your training. Leave your work life behind you for a bit. Clear your mind, silence the voices, and have a good time. It will do wonders for you!

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