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Why We Keep Training

Why We Keep Training


If you ask the majority of people that are actively practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu why they started to train, you’ll get a variety of answers.

Some will say to learn how to protect themselves, some wanted a stress outlet; others were more interested in the competition, and a few were dragged along by a friend and never left. Ask those same people why they continue to train, and you’re likely to get completely different answers.

If you’ve been doing jiu jitsu for more than a few months, it’s likely that you’ve shown up to a family event, work, or a dinner with friends with the very specific pinch bruises on your triceps from being pinned or grabbed, you have similar ones on your shins from guard defense, and possibly even have some nice gi burn on your neck from chokes.

They say something about how you need to take care of yourself, gasp, maybe you’ve reached the point that they just glare and move on. At some point someone will ask you “why do you do that, if you get hurt so much?!”- the answer to which is impossible to understand if you have never stepped foot on the mat. 

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If you are thinking about taking your first jiu jitsu class, or are searching for ways to explain to your friends why they should start coming to class with you, here are a few enticing reasons to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu besides self defense. 

 1) Perseverance: There are many times in training that you will feel like giving up. Each stripe and belt promotion you receive is proof that you have persevered and kept training through the hard times. This can be translated into other aspects of life easily, once you have gotten used to the fact that instant gratification isn’t a given.

2) Confidence: Jiu jitsu gives you a sense of confidence, while still establishing a sense of humility. Knowing that you have the capability to go up against someone bigger, stronger, more agile and have a fair chance is a great feeling. Discovering that the big factor on whether you win or lose is the time you put into it can be a huge breakthrough. 

3) Peace: Grappling supplies a feeling of calm and peace to us jiujiteiro’s that is hard to explain. 

4) Health: It’s hard to argue against the health benefits of BJJ. There are countless stories of people turning their lives around by getting into the sport; achieving amazing weight loss, recovering from abuse and addiction and developing a healthier lifestyle in general. 

5) Mental Stimulation: When doing Jiu Jitsu, it’s almost impossible to think about anything else. It’s a real life problem solving session, a human puzzle. Figuring out the flow of the game and decoding your opponent is a great way to unplug and engage your brain.

6) Patience: Whether you’re playing a long game and waiting for your opponent to get tired, to give up a submission attempt, or you’re waiting for the day that a certain technique clicks in your head. Jiu Jitsu will teach you the value of patience and that waiting can sometimes make the reward even greater. 

7) FUN!: Above all else, we have fun out there! There’s an amazing bond within the BJJ community, and the friendships that are developed during training are some of the greatest we find. 



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