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Why You Need to Add the Rolling Kimura to Your Game

Why You Need to Add the Rolling Kimura to Your Game


As you progress through the ranks in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you quickly learn that the kimura is one of the most powerful grips in the game. In fact, I like to think of the kimura as an entire position on its own because there are so many transitions to and from it.

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 If watch any of Gordon Ryan, Nicky Ryan, or Garry Tonon’s matches, you will quickly see how strong of a system they have developed using the kimura. This is because John Danaher understands this grip so well and what is possible using it, in fact, John even made an entire DVD series on it.

We often think of the kimura as being a submission we can use from guard or side control, and the kimura shoulder lock is that. The kimura, as a grip on the arm, is so much more. It can be used to pass guards, defend guard passes, get to the back, and create many different openings. When we start to think of the kimura as being an entire system, we can quickly improve our chance of success using it. 

When of my favorite entries for the kimura and as a means of passing the guard is using what is known as a rolling kimura. As the name suggest, this technique involves some type of rolling and gripping of the kimura at the same time. The rolling kimura can be attacked anytime you are passing an open guard and works extremely well because defending it can be difficult.

To be able to execute the rolling kimura, you need two things. First is the ability to surprise your opponent, because if they see it coming, they will stop you. The second things is having the courage to actually just go for it. The first thing I notice when people want to try the rolling kimura is a sense of nervousness, and I understand why, but that nervousness is the only thing stopping you from doing it.

After appropriately doing a rolling kimura, you’d have just opened a world of potential submissions and transitions you can try. The most common one is taking the back, and this works when people try sitting up, which they often do, after doing the technique. You can also come on top and finish the shoulder lock, go to triangle choke, and even transition to an armbar.

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