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Tom DeBlass – Hip Switch VS. Elevation from Butterfly Guard

Tom DeBlass – Hip Switch VS. Elevation from Butterfly Guard


Switching our hips can take on many forms and have many uses in BJJ.

Whether we’re escaping a position, transitioning to another spot, or defending an attack, a good hip switch can come to your aid in a variety of different ways. Timing is usually of great importance with any hip switch, and when properly executed we can benefit from advancing to a new position or staving off an offensive play from our opponents.

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Take a wrestling style switch for example. We can essentially begin in an unfavorable position (like the turtle) and use the hip switch to begin a sequence of events that will take us all the way to our opponent’s back, and begin to mount our own offense.

Check out this video from Tom DeBlass. He gives us an example of how to use the hip switch in a scenario where he’s being elevated from the butterfly guard. This is an excellent example of how to use a hip switch to foil the plans of the bottom player. Check it out!

DeBlass begins in butterfly guard with his partner. Should his partner be successful in elevating him, he will have several options, including many leg entanglements. This is a situation where the timing of the hip switch will be important. As his partner begins to elevate him, DeBlass rides the butterfly hooks until his partner rolls to his back.

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As his partner’s back makes contact with the mat, DeBlass executes a hip switch. The movement itself requires a backstepping motion that removes DeBlass from the danger of the position, and puts him in place to pass his partners guard. After the hip switch, DeBlass pins his partners shin and moves into the cross-body position.

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