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Why You Need To Buy John Danaher’s Arm Bar Instructional

Why You Need To Buy John Danaher’s Arm Bar Instructional


Everyone knows the basic arm bar. Even people who have never trained Jiu Jitsu a day in their life know what the arm bar is because of its use in movies, video games, and Worldstar fight videos. There is a great reason for this. Even though the arm bar has been around for decades, it still holds its claim as one of the top submissions in the sport.

If you think back to your early Jiu Jitsu days as a white belt, or maybe you still are a white belt, you will recall that the arm bar was one of the first submissions you learned. I know it was for me. I remember being very excited to learn this awesome technique when I first started Jiu Jitsu.

Even though the arm bar has been taught for so many years, there is still a lot of misinformation and misconceptions being spread around, especially on the internet. Every five minutes someone uploads a video telling you that their arm bar tip will absolutely destroy your opponents’ arms, but it never does.

We have been bless in 2019 by one of the greatest instructors in all of Jiu Jitsu history, John Danaher. Even people who find John odd or even don’t like him agree that his instructional capabilities exceed those of others, even ones who have been around for decades.

In “Enter the System: Armbar,” John’s conclusion of the Enter the System series, we get a breakdown of the arm bar in ways we haven’t seen before. Essentially, John takes us from the concepts we learned as white belts to techniques executed by high level black belts and teaches them in a way that anyone can understand.

Personally, anytime I have studied the Enter the System instructional, I feel so dumbfounded by what John shows. I always go in expecting extraordinarily difficult techniques, but it never happens. John instead shows real techniques that work at every level. He takes tiny details and fully explains why it is so important to employ them. Even the techniques that I have been using for years successfully end up getting adjusted and improved after John’s explanation.

If you don’t believe me, watch the free videos John posts online, specifically on BJJ Fanatics Youtube page. Also, you can see all the reviews of John’s instructionals and you will see how much students appreciate his instruction.


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