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Will Fans See an Epic DeBlass versus Lovato Jr. Match in 2018?

Will Fans See an Epic DeBlass versus Lovato Jr. Match in 2018?


American Jiu Jitsu legend Rafael Lovato Jr. recently posted on social media that he and fellow black belt Tom DeBlass have been working on a potential match up sometime in 2018 with a February tentative date at the ADCC USA Open in Florida.  Tom DeBlass confirmed and stated that this would be a "display of perfect jiu jitsu."

Rafael Lovato Jr. is America's most highly decorated jiu jitsu competitor.  He is also one of the most sought after instructors with his own large academy in Oklahoma City, OK with a stable of black belts like Justin Rader and Jared Dopp, but he has a thriving affiliation with academies and students all over the globe.  He has most recently begun a very successful MMA career first in the Legacy Fighting Championships and now transitioning to bigger stages of Bellator.


Tom DeBlass also needs very little introduction.  He has competed at the highest levels for over a decade, with three trips to the Olympics of grappling, the ADCC World Championships and fights within the Bellator and UFC cages.  He too has a always growing home academy of nearly 400 students, Ocean County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which has produced students such as Garry Tonon among others.

These two high level black belts are two of the most respected athletes in the sport.  Don't expect any smack talk when these two face off.  But as DeBlass has stated, fans will be eagerly watching to see who has the most perfect jiu jitsu on that night.


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