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Your Beatings….Appreciate Them

Your Beatings….Appreciate Them


Because They Are Never Ending!

We all have days where we are the “nail” of the gym. Nothing is working. Everyone is submitting you. Man, you cannot even hit a sweep on anyone. You want to go home. Maybe you even start getting mad. You just see it as a bad day of training. But, in reality, is it? You are alive, training, and learning. You are getting a work out in. Yeah, so what, you may be getting pushed around today. But embrace it, because that is jiu-jitsu. And it is never going to stop.

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And, trust us. It really never does stop. From white belt to black belt, the beatings never stop. In reality, it is really impossible to be “on” everyday. Nobody gets to be the hammer all the time, and we cannot be world beaters everytime we step on the mat. And that is the beauty of jiu-jitsu. This powerful sport always has a way of keeping us humble, and making us a better person. You really are not learning when you are winning all the time. It is through struggle and strife that we learn the most about ourselves.

We must learn on days like these. Take each one as learning experiences, and make sure that there is a takeaway. See what things in your game aren't working, and fix the broken pieces of the techniques. Learn more about the positions you are being stuck in. And, do not quit on you bad days! Just because people are getting the best of you, does not mean you need to skip out on rolling for the night. Actually you should be sticking around longer on these nights. Make sure you are asking questions and working on what you are having issues with. If you are really frustrated, maybe work on your drilling, or some movement for the rest of the night. But, do not just up and leave. You are not doing yourself any favors by doing this.

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So, embrace your beatings! Take them as they come, and make the most of them. They are going to make you who you are. They keep you a humble jiu-jitsu practitioner, and human being. In this way, jiu-jitsu definitely relates to life. Life is full of good days and bad days. Just like our jiu-jitsu training. And getting to practice that on the mats is a real benefit in itself. Keep persisting, keep your discipline and keep on learning!

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