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They Won’t See this Loop Choke Coming

They Won’t See this Loop Choke Coming


Be Sneaky, and Get The Sub!

I’m a huge fan of the loop choke. When I was first introduced to it, I was instantly sort of mesmerized by its variety of applications and how dangerous it was. It’s very sneaky and once it goes on its definitely game over for whoever falls victim.  The guillotine style configuration of the choke coupled with a strong grip on the lapel, makes cinching the choke quite simple once you’ve secured it.

While many times we’ll see the loop choke show up from an open guard scenario, or the front headlock position, this shifty strangle can rear its head in some more unorthodox ways as well. Check out this genius version of the loop choke by Kent Peters. This is definitely worth a look!

How many times have you been stuck in this situation? You’ve done all the work to secure an arm bar and your just inches from finishing, but can’t seem to make it happen. There are quite a few options from here, but this is one of the more creative ones I’ve seen.

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Peters slips four fingers in to the collar of his unassuming partner, and then removes his top leg from the armbar setup. He then leans towards the head with tight elbows, brings his partner up on top, feeds the head under, and loops the arm through to quickly complete the submission. There’s very minimal movement here for a large return on investment. Next time your struggling to finish an arm bar, keep this loop choke variation in mind!

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