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Alexandre Vieira’s Amazing Loop Choke Variation

Alexandre Vieira’s Amazing Loop Choke Variation


Talk about luring someone into a false sense of security. Check out this unorthodox loop choke from Alexandre Vieira.

What I love about the way Alexandre sets up this particular choke, is that he’s able to coax his opponent into making a series of terrible decisions and lead them to believe it’s all their idea! The loop choke is a fantastic option to get a good strangle, and Alexandre has definitely gone down the rabbit hole of creativity here with this variation.

He begins by acquiring the grip in the collar that will later become the loop choke. He then blocks the passing route to his right, forcing his partner to pass to the left, and offers no resistance when the bait is taken. As the pass is completed and his partner settles in, he makes sure his right arm ends up in between the legs of his partner. To remove his head from the clutches of Alexandre’s choke, his partner begins to stand. This gives Alexandre the space he needs to do a simple technical lift and make his way to what’s reminiscent of a fireman’s carry position. A slight fold of his partners body and the application of a little bit of pressure, finishes the unique submission.

You may be familiar with the loop choke, but odds are this is not the way you are drilling it! Seeing these classic techniques receive a sprinkle of high level magic always inspires. There is no ceiling when it comes to the innovation of BJJ, and we will never stop exploring!

BJJ Fanatics was able to bring Alexandre Vieira into our studios to share his secrets to the crucifix and loop choke.  You can check out his instructional here!



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