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BJJ Keeps Us Even

BJJ Keeps Us Even


When we start training BJJ, we’re all at different places in life. You may be young, old, athletic, or out of shape. You might be in the middle of a divorce, just getting out of high school, or maybe you just moved to a new area, and you’re looking for a way to create some meaningful relationships, or maybe you just want to learn something new. Whatever your motivation may be for taking up the gentle art, it’s never the wrong time. Maybe you’re leaving something behind in your life that was no longer healthy for you, such as a struggle with addiction or an abusive relationship.

BJJ keeps us even. What do I mean by that? Once we enter into the world of BJJ we are confronted with a choice every day. We can keep moving further away from the things that became a detriment to us, or we can continue to give attention to these things and divest in what’s best for us. Simply put, you can get to the mat and get better, or fall back into old destructive behaviors. It seems like an easy choice, but old habits and old safety nets can linger in our minds and hearts, and at times, pull us back in the wrong direction. BJJ will feed your positive lifestyle change and be a pillar within it. It will be something you can cling to when the waters get rough. It will provide you with more balance.

BJJ gives us a reason to be better. It gives us a reason to keep a clear mind, go to bed early, choose a healthier meal, etc. It provides the motivation to keep moving forward, instead of backward. When you have something meaningful in your life that you take pride in, and you truly let it in, it will come to your aid when you need it most. When your progress is truly important to you, you won’t accept your old excuses, and you’ll simply make better choices.

We all need something in our lives to inspire us, fill us with gratitude, and make us better. If BJJ has provided this for you, be sure you’re aware of it, and continue to let it in. I’m happy you found it.

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