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Loop Choke from Top Split Guard With Alexandre Vieira

Loop Choke from Top Split Guard With Alexandre Vieira


 Alexandre Vieira is one of the most exciting up and coming grapplers today under the Brazilian Top Team flag.  In 2017, his loop choke submission was chosen as the Submission of the Year by FloGrappling.

Alexandre recently visited with us at BJJFanatics to put together his Crucifix and Loop Choke 3 volume instructional set.  Alexandre brings a modern outlook to some of the sports most devastating, but sometimes ignored positions, the crucifix and the loop choke.

Check out the video below of Alexandre Vieira teaching the loop choke when he steps in to split the guard, or the opponent comes to him first grabbing a leg.  And afterwards, head over to BJJ Fanatics and get your copy of Crucifix and Loop Chokes, which has just been released!




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