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Tom DeBlass Makes his 4th Fight to Win Pro Appearance

Tom DeBlass Makes his 4th Fight to Win Pro Appearance


Tom DeBlass Puts It On The Line October 27th!

Tom DeBlass is a busy man these days. He’s amassed a large affiliation that includes several academies all over the country. The 3-time ADCC trials champ makes his way around the globe putting on game changing seminars for those lucky enough to book him. DeBlass also owns and operates a very successful academy of his own (OCBJJ) in New Jersey, with an impressive roster of students and competitors.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for DeBlass, and amidst all of his obligations and travels he still finds the time to maintain the rigorous training schedule that’s required of a high-level competitor. His unwavering commitment to his training has kept him among the top tiers of competition for several years.

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With Fight to Win Pro 91 only days away, DeBlass has been preparing for his bout with no gi Pan Am champion Tex Johnson. DeBlass is a Fight to win veteran, and he’ll be stepping onto the Fight to Win stage for the 4th time against the very game Johnson. In an interview with Flo Grappling DeBlass expresses his excitement for the upcoming match against Johnson. DeBlass praises Tex for his commitment to constant improvement and gives a nod to his leg lock game, calling it “strong”. A huge compliment coming from DeBlass, as he is himself is one of the best leg lockers in the game, and shares the mats weekly with the elite leg lockers of BJJ. DeBlass secured a quick heel hook victory over Louis Armenzanni in his last FTW appearance in Pittsburgh, PA.

We expect a great match up between DeBlass and Johnson, the stars have definitely aligned on this one, and its certainly a fight not to be missed. Tune in to Flo Grappling to watch the fireworks on Friday night!

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