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2 Amazing Techniques From Kimura Master Harry Grech!

2 Amazing Techniques From Kimura Master Harry Grech!


Harry Grech is an Mixed Martial Artist fighter out of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He is also a world class no gi grappling competitor with experience in Judo, Catch Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Harry developed a grappling game based around the kimura after becoming obsessed with Sakuraba. Not only is Harry Grech a master of the kimura, he is an excellent teacher. Today we are going to look at two of his amazing techniques: kesa gatame, and how to defeat a flexible opponent. Both of these techniques are from Grech’s new instructional DVD series “Kimura Logic.” Check out a preview for it below!

Learn The Secrets Of A Sakuraba Obsessed Judo Black Belt, Catch Wrestler, and BJJ Practitioner Who Has Won Over 50 Grappling Matches By Kimura


Technique #1: Kesa Gatame / Scarf Hold

Kesa gatame is a side control hold that comes straight out of Judo. Many Judo throws lead naturally to Kesa gatame, since the classic judo hold places one grip on the opponent's lapel and one grip near the opponent's elbow. Then as one enters the ground phase, one arm goes around the opponent's neck and the other arm secures the opponent's arm. Check out Harry Grech’s kesa gatame technique below!

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the kesa gatame position is sometimes seen as weak due to the possibility of a back take. However, if you do it the way Harry Grech demonstrates in the video above it is likely a back tack will not happen. The kesa gatama is a devastating position for your opponent to be held in. Just remember to keep your right leg close to your opponent’s ear. This prevents your training partner from being able to escape to a back take as it does not allow them to escape their arm. Your left leg is your base. You use this leg to create all the pressure on your opponent’s chest. Make sure you have a wide base, this well help counter act your training partner’s movement. Get your ass off the floor so that your opponent carries all your weight. Stay on the edges of your feet and control your opponent’s tricep.

Technique #2: Defeating A Flexible Opponent

Now we are going to move into how to deal with a flexible opponent while in the side control position. There are four levels that Harry Grech like’s to utilize when faced with a flexible opponent. This is great advice for setting up arm attacks like the kimura and americana. Check out the video below!

The four levels can be broken down into the following:

Stage 1: Push the grip as far as you possibly can. Pay attention to Grech’s methodology here, it is not what you would normal think to do.

Stage 2: Switch your hips. This elevates your opponent’s body off of the ground.

Stage 3: Movement (plant and drive): your outside foot needs to be planted and your bottom leg needs to drive into your opponent’s back

Stage 4: The single handed kimura: for when the pressure from the first three stages is not enough to make your opponent tap.

We have all dealt with an opponent before who we just can’t seem to tap. But with Harry Grech’s techniques you can get even the most flexible person to tap.

Kimura Logic is a practical approach on how to base your game around this coveted position... nothing fancy here, just simple and effective techniques to help you see Kimura's EVERYWHERE



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