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2 Arm Bars For BJJ From Mario Delgado You Should Know

2 Arm Bars For BJJ From Mario Delgado You Should Know


2 Arm Bars For BJJ From Mario Delgado You Should Know

Mario Delgado is very successful in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His list of accolades is long and he has done a lot for the sport. Even though he did not have an instructor he found ways to train. He purchased DVDs on jiu jitsu and then would try the moves with a group of guys nearby known as the Japanese Jiu Jitsu Federation. With this he found a lot of success. He developed his game by himself just by watching tapes, and then trying the moves with a group of people. Maria Delgado is a firm believer that anyone can develop a game that fits themselves by learning from as many people as you can, researching online and watching DVDs. The list of people who Mario has trained from is impressive. He picked specific pieces of different BJJ players’ games and made them his own.

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Mario Delgado is the first Mexican black belt under the Gracie family, and the most recognized representative of Brazilian jiu jitsu in Mexico. Mario has a very interesting career, especially because he basically had to learn jiu jitsu himself and travel around the world taking many trips to visit BJJ academies. Today we are going to check out 2 of Mario’s favorite arm bar submissions. Mario has used these submissions successfully in competition against some of the world’s best competitors. These techniques and many more can be found on Mario’s excellent instructional series, “The No Gi Formula: For Masters Competitors” available exclusively on So without further delay let’s get started. Here are 2 arm bars for BJJ from Mario Delgado that you should know.

#1: Flying Arm Bar by Mario Delgado

The flying arm bar is a submission that many people believe require athleticism or flexibility but it is actually easy. Mario is not the most athletic guy but he uses this arm bar to dominate all of his opponents. Watch the video below and then we will break down the technique. Check it out now!

From a standing position, usually at the beginning of a match, Mario does not like to wait until he is in a full collar tie position with his training partner to hit the flying arm bar. If your opponent gets the collar tie, lasso your hand around his arm. As soon as he has his other hand around the back of his training partner’s head he will jump. When Delgado jumps he hangs from the top of his opponent’s head. This is important for breaking down your training partner’s posture. You will use the head snap to get the flying arm bar. This gives you the space to get underneath his legs so you can finish the arm bar without him having a chance to defend. You want to make your opponent step forward so he can’t stack you. When you get to the floor sometimes you opponent will roll, and sometimes your opponent will remain standing. Either way, the key detail is he will not be able to defend because of the position of his arm. To finish the submission, Mario uses both his hands to bend the arm, causing strain at the elbow.

#2: High Guard Arm Bar by Mario Delgado

The high guard arm bar is useful for when your opponent is being defensive and cupping your biceps in closed guard. It can be frustrating when your opponent does not engage from the closed guard. But Mario has just the answer with this unique high guard arm bar. Watch the video below and then we will break down the technique. Check it out now!

As the guard passer stands Mario immediately climbs his legs up to a higher position. This changes the angle of his guard, making his opponent’s knee pressure much less effective. As soon as Mario gets his legs up around his opponent’s arms he closes them back up and either goes for a sweep or attacks the arm bar. Typically your training partner is going to try and pressure down on you. To counter this, Mario secures an over hand grip on his opponent’s elbow while his other arm swims to the opposite leg. Mario creates a deep hook and repositions himself under his opponent. Mario passes to the other side of the head ensuring that the arm bar stays tight, forcing his opponent forwards. This causes his training partner to lose his balance and also puts the trapped arm in a difficult position to escape, allowing Mario to finish the arm bar from a safe position.

Mario Delgado isn’t just the UFC’s color commentator for Latin America. He is also an ADCC Vet and a high level masters competitor. The great thing about Mario’s game is that it just works. He keeps things simple, preferring to focus on mastering the fundamentals. This basic approach to jiu jitsu is simple and easy to learn, but truly effective against any opponent. So if you liked these two arm bars and you are looking for more amazing submission, guard passes and more, then be sure to check out Mario’s incredible instructional series “The No Gi Formula: For Masters Competitors” available exclusively on It is a 3 part series that focuses on all of Mario’s best moves for No Gi. It is a great resource for destroying all your no gi competition. So check it out and be sure to give these arm bars a try the next time you are on the mats!

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