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The Scissor Sweep For BJJ From Worlds Master Champ Rodrigo Artilheiro

The Scissor Sweep For BJJ From Worlds Master Champ Rodrigo Artilheiro


Worlds Master Champ Rodrigo Artilheiro Gives You Insight Into The Most Widely Used Sweep

The scissor sweep is a great sweep to hit from closed guard or half guard. It is one of the first sweeps you usually learn, because it is based on fundamental concepts and very easy to learn. Sure, there might be techniques out there that look at are discussed more in the grappling community, but it would be misguided to think the scissor sweep is not an effective technique. The scissor sweep is so common and taught from a beginner level because it is practical and it works. And, let’s face it. The fundamentals are always evolving too. The beauty of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and all grappling martial arts, is that it is always dynamically evolving, and the scissor sweep is no exception to this rule.

10th Planet black belt and instructor Brandon McCaghren walks you through the rubber guard system he uses so effectively


When it comes to practical closed guard techniques, Rodrigo Artilheiro has and unstoppable game, even for a 38 year old. Rodrigo uses fundamental concepts and techniques with precision to submit opponents who are younger, stronger, and full of piss and vinegar. Rodrigo Artilheiro even has an instructional series called The Lazy Closed Guard available exclusively on In this series, Rodrigo shares an amazing amount of knowledge on how to improve your closed guard. Rodrigo emphasizes the importance of using the minimum amount of do sweep or submit your opponent. Rodrigo is a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, a world class wrestler, a judo black belt, a krav maga instructor, and an all around knowledgeable guy when it comes to grappling. Rodrigo is a Brazilian National Champion in wrestling and a Brazilian National Champion in Judo. He also has won the Worlds master black belt in Jiu Jitsu and competed in ADCC. Rodrigo has also coached some of the all time best Brazilian UFC fighters including Vitor Belfort, Werdum, and Crocop.

It is safe to say Rodrigo Artilheiro is the right person to listen to when it comes to learning the scissor sweep. Let’s check out several of Rodrigo’s techniques from his lazy close guard game. Check out the video below of Rodrigo demonstrating the scissor sweep with collar bone grip and then we will break it down.

Scissor Sweep With Collar Bone Grip

Typically from bottom closed guard, you will find that your training partner will be controlling your hips by pushing them down towards the mats. When this happens, the first thing Rodrigo does it secure a collar grip, punching through to create some space to escape his hip and set his knee shield. Notice that when Rodrigo gets his collar grip he feeds his hand deep into the gi and uses his arm like a blade to apply pressure to his opponent’s neck. Also, the knee shield is very important for defending against your opponent, not for attacking. Think of it like your first line of defense. With a knee shield set you have tighter connectivity to your training partner. You also control his upper body, and prevent him from advancing or pressuring forward. The knee shield is also an important part of the scissor sweep. Notice that when Rodrigo has his knee shield he uses his foot to hook the side of his opponent. When he is ready, Rodrigo puts this foot on his opponent’s hip, drops his other leg to the mat, swings it away from his opponent, and then uses a big kick and pulling motion to send his opponent over. When the scissor sweep is done correctly you will end up in top mount, which is a great position to start attacking neck chokes and arm locks. You can also use mount to pressure your opponent and tire them out.

Arm Bar From Scissor Sweep

Let’s face it, even when you have an amazing scissor sweep you will not always exceed. It is great to have a back up plan for when things do not go as expected. The great thing about a failed scissor sweep is that you still set yourself up for an arm bar. We just took a look at the most fundamental sweep, the scissor sweep; now let us take a look at how you can hit an arm bar off of a failed scissor sweep attempt. Check out the video below and then we will break down the technique!

The great thing about a failed scissor sweep is that it you still have control over your opponent’s arm, giving you an opportunity to nail a fast submission. From the scissor sweep set up, instead of hitting the sweep, Rodrigo shifts his far leg up over his opponent’s shoulder while adjusting his hips. The angle adjustment here is very important for being able to finish the arm bar. To finish the arm bar, Rodrigo brings his other leg to the other side of his opponent’s head, squeezes his legs, and lifts with his hips to straighten the arm, over extending the elbow causing his opponent to tap.

Rodrigo might call his closed guard “lazy” but when you really stop and think about it is more about being efficient with your game. Using a knee shield, going for a scissor sweep, and having a submission ready when things go wrong is all part of having a well rounded game. With a slow and methodical approach to guard you have better opportunities for attacking sweeps and submissions. So be sure to keep these concepts in mind when you are in a live roll. And if you are looking for more easy to learn and effective techniques then check out Rodrigo’s instructional series “The Lazy Closed Guard” available exclusively on This series is full of amazing techniques that have been battle tested and proven work from one of the greatest grapplers alive.


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