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3 High Level Moves For BJJ From Olympic Medalist Travis Stevens

3 High Level Moves For BJJ From Olympic Medalist Travis Stevens


Olympic Judo Silver Medalist Travis Stevens Has Some Of The Most Impressive Submissions For BJJ!

As an Olympic Silver Medalist in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt you might say that Travis Stevens is what defines being a world class martial artist. His list of accolades is long, and he has competed in some of the most prestigious events against the best competitors in the world. Travis was awarded his BJJ black belt from famed John Danaher of Team Renzo Gracie. He has even been involved in training camps for UFC fighters such as Georges St. Pierre. In 2016, Stevens won the Silver medal at the Summer Olympics. He has continued the Judo tradition of his coach, Jim Pedro, who himself was an Olympic competitor. Travis Stevens has also won the prestigious Pan American games twice and has also been a National Champion on three separate occasions.

Learn more take down defense and take downs from two of the best take down grapplers in the world: Travis Stevens and Jimmy Pedro


Today we are going to explore 3 high level moves for BJJ from Travis Stevens. Travis has a great variety of instructional DVDs on which you should totally check out. Not only is Travis a great competitor, he is a great instructor too. His approach to grappling is straight forward, dead simple, easy to learn, and incredibly effective. Though Travis considers judo his preferred sport because of its movements and aggression, he loves the creativity BJJ affords him. Ultimately his goal it to be a top level athlete in each sport that he practices. Let’s see what Travis is all about!

#1: Turtle Attack: Arm Snatch Roll With Leg

If you have ever faced an opponent in turtle you know it can be very difficult to break their defense. Travis starts the attack from the side of his training partner’s turtle. Travis baits his opponent into giving him his arm, which he then traps, giving him an opening into the turtle defense to exploit. He steps his foot in next to his opponent’s neck to move is head and create pressure.Then he switches his leg in order to hook his opponent’s arm. This gives him an opening to grab the inside part of his opponent’s gi pants. Now Travis looks over his shoulder and rolls, taking the arm with him and causing his opponent to roll as well. He secures his partner’s gi pants so he can’t continue to roll through. He completes the technique by hooking his opponent’s leg, reversing his head, then shrimping away.

#2: Double Leg Defense With Reverse Triangle

Travis Stevens shows this one from a scenario where his training partner is in the turtle. His opponent shoots in for the double leg. Travis stays on top of his opponent’s shoulder, letting his opponent lift him off the ground. As his opponent drops him to the side he maintains contact and pulls his opponent into him as his leg goes underneath. With his other leg free he reaches up, grabs his own ankle and then locks up the reverse triangle and attacks the leg looking for a submission.

#3: Kimura From Side Control

When setting up the kimura from side control, Travis explains that you want to shoulder punch and create pressure against your training partners head in order to pop his wrist off the collar grip. Make sure your thumb is in your opponent’s arm pit in order to get a tight grip. Travis controls the hips using his free arm and knees. They are tight against his training partner, keeping him from bridging. Travis then starts attacking the kimura with both his opponent’s shoulders on the mat before rolling him on his side, grinding his arm across the chest.

As you can tell, this judo master has many impressive techniques for BJJ. If you liked these techniques then I recommend you check out Travis’ instruction series Attacking and Defending The Turtle, and Fundamentals and Concepts. Both of these series include central concepts for deal with any opponent no matter their size.

Judo Champion Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens give you an insight into their world of taking people down. With these 3 DVD / On Demand set you can improve your take down game from 2 of the best in that area!

These two greats will be your guides as you learn to master the skills necessary to beat even the toughest opponent. All the techniques and tips you’ll ever need are found in The Take down Blueprint.

If you want to beat the guys at your belt level you need to be better than them in some areas. You could try to get better at sweeping or passing than they are at sweeping & passing, but that’s going to be difficult because they are working on those skills 3 to 5 times a week in class. Luckily, they are ignoring their stand up games – some simple drilling of the right moves will give you a huge advantage.

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