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2 Simple Lasso Guard Techniques For BJJ From Worlds Medalist Marcos Tinoco

2 Simple Lasso Guard Techniques For BJJ From Worlds Medalist Marcos Tinoco


If you love playing lasso guard then this 2 simple techniques will greatly improve your game!

Marcos Tinoco, also known as Tinoco or “Lekinho,” is a living legend in a generation of all star grapplers. Tinoco is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Marcelo Garcia. Marcos is a member of the Alliance team, based out of New York in the United States. Marcos started to make a name for himself after he won important pro tournaments such as the world championships and the New York Pro at the brown belt level. Some of Tinoco’s greatest accomplishments are: CBJJ Brazilian Champion, IBJJF European Open Champion, IBJJF Pan American No Gi Champion, IBJJF New York Summer Open Champion, and many more.

Simplify and slow down the game by utilizing the Lasso Guard system Marcos uses against the best grapplers in the world.


As one of the most accomplished IBJJF black belt competitors, Marcos is infamous for his lasso guard. He has some amazing sweeps and submissions from the lasso guard. He is so notorious for his half guard that he has even released an instructional series called “Mastering The Lasso Guard” available exclusively on! It is a really instructional series that simplifies the lasso guard making it easy to learn no matter what your level of experience is. Marcos has used this guard game against some of the best grapplers in the world, so if it works for him then it will certainly work for you! Let’s check out some of the techniques you can see in this series. Here are two simply lasso guard techniques for BJJ from Worlds Medalist Marcos Tinoco!\

#1: Lasso to Arm Drag Back Take by Marcos Tinoco

To hit this arm drag back take is pretty simply. Marcos breaks it down into fundamental concepts. The first thing you should do it establish your guard. Marcos likes to place both his feet in his training partner’s hips to control distance. From here he will establish his grips. Typically he will go for gripping the gi sleeves in order to control his opponent’s arms. Now Marcos will use this setup to create a little bit of space. He does this by pushing away with his feet in the hips. The goal here is to get to your hip and set your lasso guard.

When you set your lasso, it is a very common reaction for your opponent to move one of his legs back and away. He will do this in order to keep the lasso around his arm loose. It will not be effective for you to continue to chase your opponent to retain your lasso guard, so let go of it. From here it is as simple as switching your grip in order to free your leg from the lasso guard. Use the momentum from freeing your leg to sit up and pressure towards your training partner. Now you have an opportunity to take your training partner’s back.

Once you get to the back, the realm of possibilities is endless. Keep in mind that having your opponent’s back is one of the best advantages you can have in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. There are so many options for chokes that your training partner will likely go into a frenzy trying to protect their neck.

#2: Lasso Guard Sweep With Crazy Fast Arm Bar by Marcos Tinoco

This technique starts off from the lasso guard. To hit that sweep, the first thing Marcos does is use his lasso leg and hook the back of his training partner. His opponent counters by attempting to circle around to the opposite side of the lasso guard. Marco’s exploits this by framing against the bicep while escaping his bottom leg. From here, he switches his hook from the back down to the thigh of his training partner. This allows Marcos to switch his hip and sweep his opponent.

After hitting the sweep, Marcos is in a great position to nail an arm bar. To go for the submission, Marcos adjusts his position by posting with his outside foot on the mat. Marcos is facing the same direction of his opponent and he uses his legs to lock up the arm bar by crossing his legs over the arm and then bend the arm against the inside of his thigh.

As you can tell, these are some really cool techniques. The lasso guard is great for setting up highly effective sweeps and submissions. There is a reason guys like Marcos Tinoco base their entire game around the lasso guard: it works! If you love playing lasso guard and you liked these techniques then I highly recommend checking out Marcos Tinoco’s instructional series, “Mastering The Lasso Guard.” Marcos techniques are great for dominating even the biggest guys, so make sure you remember his tip and tricks the next time you are on the mats!

The Complete Lasso Guard System – From The Best Lasso Guard Player On Earth.  3x World Medalist Marcos Tinoco Shows You How To Never Have Your Guard Passed & How To Create Instant Offense. The Lasso Is The Toughest Guard In The Gi To Pass - You Need To Learn This.

So what makes the lasso guard so great? It’s a great position for the bottom person because you can use your leg to hook inside of your opponent, letting you control their posture, distance, and angles of attack all at the same time. You force them to fight on your terms, and that keeps you in control of the action. At every tournament, fighters are using the lasso to control and win, and now you can join in by learning from one of the best in the game today. Tinoco’s sweeps and submissions are some of the cleanest technique on the scene, and he shows everything across these three volumes.

Refine Your Guard Down To the Most Effective Attacks From Lasso Guard




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