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2 Slick Passes From Craig Jones

2 Slick Passes From Craig Jones


In the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, there are many different methods and approaches to passing. Look no further than legendary black belt competitor Craig Jones when it comes to learning sick passing techniques. If you are not familiar with Jones, he is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt from Australia who competes for the Absolute MMA Academy. Jones is an international IBJJF World no gi champion and a 2x ADCC trials champion. Craig Jones has a long list of accolades in his professional BJJ career. Today he is going to demonstrate two slick passing techniques. Check it out below!

Craig Jones is a master of the half guard and foot lock attacks. His DVD the Z Guard Encyclopedia gives you a variety of different set ups and attacks from half guard to get the sweep or submission.


#1: The TJ Pass by Craig Jones

In the video above, Craig demonstrates the heel hook submission that he used to secure a win against Aaron “Tex” Johnson at EBI 14. Then he shows a pass that he would have used had Johnson’s reaction been any different. Craig steps his foot across the center line under Johnson’s butt. He does this to prevent Da La Riva based attacks. As Johnson was concerned about the leg lock is gave Jones the ability to attack the opposite leg. With his free hand he scooped Tex’s floating leg at the knee line. Next he transitions his grip from Tex’s ankle and posted onto the mat. He then back stepped cross his second leg behind the lead leg into an x.

#2: Smash Pass by Craig Jones (Set Up With Leg Lock)

In the video above, Craig Jones shows how to use the smash pass by setting it up with a leg lock threat. Using pressure to smash pass your way past a player’s guard is a great technique to know. Any time a person playing guard loses their foot in the hip, causing their leg to extend, it opens up a vulnerability to leg attacks. The guard player will instinctively try and pull his feet back into position, allowing the guy on top a change of direction and pass.

These two videos are a fine example of Craig’s ability to explain a move in a clear and easy to understand fashion. His educational background, clear yet detailed communication and expert knowledge of make him an exceptional teacher. Like Eddie Bravo, Craig Jones became a household name in grappling almost overnight. Craig is just getting started. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn from the talent that is taking the grappling world by storm!

Craig Jones has a secret weapon in jiu jitsu... his Z Guard. He was virtually unheard of until recent ADCC and EBI competitions where he shocked the world with his Z guard and foot lock attacks. His approach is simple, and makes sense. After watching it, your approah and execution from the Z Half Guard will dramatically change for the better.



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