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Near Side Under Hook to Three Quarter Mount Pass with Lachlan Giles

Near Side Under Hook to Three Quarter Mount Pass with Lachlan Giles


Great Passing Technique With Lachlan Giles!

An experienced BJJ player doesn’t give up the under hook easily. He/she knows you want them, and they will do what they can to closed down those pockets of space. Being that the under hook is incredibly beneficial to both parties, they become scarce when we’re searching for them and we may need to use some trickery to coax our partner into giving one up.

Lachlan Giles is an ADCC Veteran, Pan Pacific Champion and coach to one of the fastest rising starts, Craig Jones!


One of the more common positions that we continuously find ourselves in, is the half guard. The under hook is of major importance for both fighters top and bottom in the half guard, and there is normally a battle here to see who gets there first.

Lachlan Giles has some great ideas for you on the subject. Giles’s teaching is very detail oriented and incredibly applicable. Have a look at this video!

Giles begins in the half guard with no under hooks. With his partner staying tight, Giles secures his partners near side elbow. He then switches his hips, takes wide steps toward his posted hand, and begins to walk his partner’s hips so that the knees begin to point away from him. As he walks the hips to the other side, Giles now exposes an under hook on his partner’s near side, and acquires it. Once he’s walked his partners hips over, Giles uses an interesting method of freeing the knee. Normally here we tend to try and shove our partner’s knee down to free it, But Giles holds his partner’s leg in place with a frame and shrinks backwards to remove his knee. Regardless of the method you use to frame at this point, make sure you keep your elbow tight to your side. Not doing so may give your partner access to your arm. This can result in the dismantling of your work to this point.

As Giles penetrates his knee through to the floor, he’ll most likely meet resistance here in the form of his partner pushing on his knee to try and stop him from advancing. As this occurs, Giles is able to acquire his second under hook, and walk his partners arms up above his head. Giles flares his elbow wide here to maintain good balance while he works.

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This next detail is another game changer. Normally we use our instep to free our other foot, but this can be challenging if your partner has become focused on holding your foot hostage. Giles offers the alternative of burrowing his free foot inside the legs to join his other foot, and uses both feet to help open up the space. As he joins his feet, Giles squares back up, pushing his feet backwards and completing the pass.

Not so common details here for a very common pass. I already feel better about my ability to make this pass work, just from watching Giles Explain the technique. Great stuff!

Come and learn one of the world’s most important guards from one of the world’s best instructors, Lachlan Giles. The head coach of Australia’s Absolute MMA, is back to show one of his best positions, the offensive half guard. He explores the techniques that he uses to win tons of tournaments at the world black belt level. Get it now from BJJ Fanatics!



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