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Romulo Barral vs. Durinho Announced For Third Coast Grappling In June!

Romulo Barral vs. Durinho Announced For Third Coast Grappling In June!


Third Coast Grappling continues to bring great matchups for us to sink our teeth into! After the success of their first few events, the Texas-based superfight promoters are coming with another red hot card on June 29th. In addition to the already announced bouts of Mike Perez vs. Jackson Sousa and Craig Jones vs. Josh Hinger, we are set to see Gilbert "Durinho" Burns take on Romulo Barral in a battle of former world champions. The rules state that the fight is ten minutes, first to a submission or to eleven points wins, with an overtime possible.

The Greatest Spider Guard Player In History: 36 Year Old Romulo Barral Shows All Of The Tricks, Hacks & Techniques That Allow Him To Dominate Bigger, Stronger, Faster & Much Younger Guys With This Unstoppable Guard


Gilbert "Durinho" Burns is an IBJJF world champion in gi and no-gi, and holds a current UFC record of 8-3. The 2nd-Degree black belt has been more focused on his MMA career lately, but he does continue to stay active in the grappling world with a 6-1 record in 2018 alone, notching wins over DJ Jackson, AJ Agazarm, Nick Calvanese, and Sergio Moraes among others. Durinho (translated roughly to "little tough guy") is known for some of the best BJJ wrestling at the black belt level, and a great passing and pressure top game.
Romulo Barral is a Gracie Barra black belt who stands as one of the most accomplished competitors ever, with 7 IBJJF world championships and an ADCC gold, among many other favorable results. The spider guard master hasn't been as active while he transitions to coaching his athletes at GB Northridge, only taking three fights last year. Still, he's one of the best ever, and he comes ready for war every time. The leader of the "Everyday Porrada" movement is dangerous everywhere and sure to bring an exciting style to the matchup.

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