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2019 World Championship Absolute Finals Set

2019 World Championship Absolute Finals Set



The absolute division is always a fan favorite. The idea of smaller competitors getting a shot to rise to the top and defeat their larger peers is a unique opportunity that only Jiu-Jitsu provides. This year’s 2019 Absolute Finals have been set and they do not disappoint.

In the Men’s black belt Leandro Lo will face longtime friend and rival Marcus Almeida. Last year’s absolute was spoiled when Lo suffered an injury in his weight class finals match against Mahamed Aly. Although we didn’t get to see the match between the two legends we got something different.

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Instead of winning by default and adding another absolute title to his resume’, Buchecha gave Lo the nod. Leandro put on a heroic performance at the 2018 world championship and deserved a moment like this from a good friend in Buchecha. That said, the fans want to see these two clash.

Both athletes had tough fights leading to today’s finals with Lo having an additional opponent. Leandro was able to defeat Gustavo Elias, Luiz Panza, and Keenan Cornelius. Buchecha had his hands full with Otavio Nalati but was able to get a big lead on points to secure a victory. His next match was a razor close decision victory against Felipe Pena. Buchecha recieved a little rest due to his semi final opponent Fellipe Andrew withdrawing from the bout.

On the ladies end we get to see 2018 world champ Bia Mesquita take on Nathiely De Jesus. De Jesus had a twist of fate when here opponent tested positive for banned substances in 2018, making her the absolute champion. Mesquita made quick work of several opponents yesterday so she should be rested to take on the 2018 champ. Nathiely was able to beat Izadora Silva in her semi final match to secure her spot in the finals.

Once again Leandro Lo finds himself in the finals of the Absolute. One of the main reasons is how well-rounded Lo is. This is where the Lo Guard & Matrix passing comes in. Lo provides a comprehensive look at the techniques and strategies that helped him rise to the top of Jiu-Jitsu.



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