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2019 IBJJF Gi Worlds Is HERE!

2019 IBJJF Gi Worlds Is HERE!


The Stage Is Set For AMAZING Black Belt Gi Worlds!!

The time has come and one of the most prestigious Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu events is upon us. Held in beautiful Long Beach, California the IBJJF GI World Championships never disappoint!

2019 has been a very competitive and twisting ride since the beginning. Through all belt ranks, this is always a title only the best come to claim.  

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Returning champion Lucas Lepri strives to add another, making a record-breaking 6 World titles. He is the current record holder for most black belt lightweight world titles and comes to one-up that accomplishment. Last Year in 2018, Lucas defeated the break out star in Renato Canuto in the finals. This year not only is Renato returning for vengeance but there will be another challenge.

Earlier this year it was the IBJJF European Championship where Lepri faced a huge upset loss. Making it to the finals, as usual, Lepri faced another new coming phenomenon in Levi Jones Leary. The match was razor close with Jones Leary winning in the likes of a referee decision. Following this huge win, it would be a few months later where Jones leary would strike again. Winning the IBJJF Pan American Championship he silenced the doubters and the first year black belt grew in confidence.

The only exception was that Lucas Lepri was not in attendance. In many interviews after, he talks about how he envisions him winning the world title and no one will stop him in route to his dream.

With both in the lightweight division this year and others in the mix, it will be fireworks. Lucas Lepri the ADCC champion and long list title holder is known for making history. The path in how this happens is luckily accessible to every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner.

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Guard passing needs to be approached correctly to work at the highest level. Lucas Lepri reveals and focuses on only the best ways to pass and control. Any body type, build, age, weight,  etc. can benefit from this must have course. With all of the talent ranging from light to heavy Lepri has impressed all of us with absolute division wins with ease.

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Catch Lucas and the Lightweight division fight for the highest held title of the year this weekend. Stick right here for blog updates of the champions and upsets. Visit for all your instructional and learning needs. Let the new champions be crowned!

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