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Craig Jones Vs. Anthony Johnson Set For Submission Underground 9

Craig Jones Vs. Anthony Johnson Set For Submission Underground 9



Submission Underground has slowly been building momentum and putting on better cards every show. SUG 9 looks to be following the same trend! Everyone’s favorite Aussie Craig Jones will take on one of the scariest men to ever step into the Octagon, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

MMA fans have been clamoring for a Anthony Johnson return. While it’s not in an MMA fight Johnson will get to showcase some of his underrated grappling. Johnson certainly is starting at the top of the heap in Craig Jones. Ever since Rumble Johnson hung up the gloves, fans have speculated on his return. While many thought he would come back to take on a guy named Jones, they surely didn’t think Craig Jones.

Jones has been traveling around the globe taking on superfights left and right. In the last 12 months he has faced and beaten some of the best. On that list are names like Keenan Cornelius, Tim Spriggs, Garbriel Arges, and Jackson Souza. The question is if he can apply his deady game against an athlete as powerful and explosive as Rumble.

SUG 9 is a unique event that utilizes Eddie Bravo Invitational rules, inside of a cage. The cage offers some unique problems/opportunities for a strictly grappling ruleset. If the match goes to overtime, the EBI overtime rules kick in.

Also on the card is Fabiano Scherner who takes on UFC Vet Gabriel Gonzaga. Scherner is a legend in the sport of Jiu-Jitsu and looks to welcome Gonzaga to the SUG cage.

Scherner has coached some of the best and beat some of the best. If you want to learn from the 10 times Masters champion Click Learn More!


SUG 9 takes place July 7th on UFC Fight Pass. Also on the card are Tag team Grappling matches…. You read that right. If you want to tune into some of the mayhem check out the footage below!


When it comes to using leg locks on the highest level of competition no one does it better than Craig Jones. Jones has proved time and time again that he’s ahead of the curve when it comes to attacking the lower half of the body. In Battle Tested Down Under Leg Locks Jones provides you up to date tactics HE CURRENTLY uses to dominate his superfights. If you want the tactics that are tearing up the highest level of competition, Jones has you covered!



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