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3 Flying Scissor Takedown Entrances for Leg Lock Victory

3 Flying Scissor Takedown Entrances for Leg Lock Victory


The 3 Entrances to the Flying Scissor Takedown That Give You Leg Locks

The flying scissor takedown is all the rage in modern grappling. It's used to easily enter in on a variety of leg attacks, but is also banned in many grappling sports.

For example in Judo, it is just banned. In most jiu jitsu tournaments, it is banned up until black belt or expert division. And in Sambo, it is seen as a completely essential takedown, but those Russians are crazy foot lock attackers and understand the nature of attacking and defending the flying scissor.

The position of scissor takedown is what makes it so powerful. While it make look flashy in nature it is quite devastating when you hit it. If you love attacking the foot lock game, then you'll love the flying scissor takedown. It is the best takedown for entering in on the foot lock game.

It allows you to achieve some of the best leg lock control positions such as honey hole, knee know and attack knee bars, heel hooks and straight ankle locks.


The most challenging part of the flying scissors is entering in on the takedown. Soul Fighters BJJ Black Belt, No Gi Grappling Champion and Combat Wrestling Champion Mike Palidino shares his three best entrances for the flying scissor takedowns.

The flying scissor takedown itself has one leg across the waist line and the other hand on the mat, and the rear leg chops behind.

The first variation is against the common single leg attack. This is a common attack in BJJ, no gi grappling and MMA. The flying scissor works perfectly in this situations.

The second variation is when your opponent has an inside tie. This position allows you to flow easily into the scissor takedown.

The last variation is baiting your opponent into a foot sweep that Mike has used in competition.

Mike and Vlad Koulikov are main training partners. The leg lock grappling game is rapidly evolving. Those jiu jitsu martial artists who ignore it won’t be able to keep up for long. But those who embrace this evolving grappling game and take steps to pick up a few key jiu jitsu techniques will be handsomely rewarded. Because that’s what happens when the status quo is disrupted; there’s room to surge ahead if you act fast. And you can do that with Vlad… Vlad’s spent more time teaching leg locks than just about anyone else on Earth.



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