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The Low Level Single Takedown Is High Percentage

The Low Level Single Takedown Is High Percentage


Master The Low Level Single for MMA and Grappling

The low single leg is very simple and effective takedown for wrestling, BJJ, and MMA. Randy Couture famously used one in his fight against James Toney, and Sakuraba took almost everyone down with his low Single.

The low single is a very efficient takedown, since you are grabbing at the ankle you are using the leg as the longest possible lever you can. As opposed to a snatch single where you are more towards the knee, making your lever a bit shorter. And because you are using your entire body against one leg for this grappling takedown, I find it to be fairly successful against a larger opponent. The combination of using maximum leverage and attacking a single limb with your entire body makes this a very useful takedown for my fellow smaller grapplers. Sure, big throws are awesome and so pretty to see done right, but with many of my training partners 40-60lbs heavier I ain’t Seoi Nageing too many people. But the low single is a great equalizer for me.

And in Gi Jiu-Jitsu, the low single is exceptionally useful. Because you are shooting from a distance without tying up or hand fighting, you are eliminating your opponent’s ability to pull guard. My fellow takedown guys know all too well the frustration of working a setup for a beautiful throw only to have it ruined by your opponent’s guard pull when you tie up. With the low single you don’t need to worry about that. No Grips, No Guard Pull.

The low single is definitely a personal favorite jiu jitsu takedown, and it can be a very useful tool for anybody. It is absolutely worth looking into if you are searching to add to your takedown stockpile.

Want to learn more about wrestling take downs including the low level single for JIu JItsu? Learn the wrestling based system for jiu jitsu that other BJJ guys can’t defend.



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