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Takedown Bigger Opponents Like They're Chumps

Takedown Bigger Opponents Like They're Chumps


Henry Cejudo Teaches You How To Take Down A Bigger Opponent

It is no surprise to many of us who have grappled that bigger opponents are often very difficult to take down. Things that may work on an opponent your size often fail to work on someone who is bigger. Just like specific movements that work for small people there are also specific movements that work better for larger opponents. With a proper game plan, bigger opponents can be easier to deal with once you understand how to manipulate their body weight and use it against them.

Learn The Wrestling Based System For Jiu Jitsu That Other BJJ Guys Can’t Defend.


Being bigger is a blessing and a curse. Some bigger guys may know how to distribute their weight and be extremely difficult to deal with. Others may not be as good as this, and you can learn how to use it against them.

Nobody knows how to take down a bigger opponent better than Henry Cejudo. As a former elite level free style wrestler, Olympic gold medalist, and reigning champion in the UFC men’s fly weight division, Cejudo has the experience it takes to take down a bigger opponent.

Henry Cejudo’s MMA career has been served well by his explosive, energy filled style. Top tier wrestlers have historically done well in the UFC, and Cejudo is no exception. With that said, it is no surprise that wrestling would be a key component for a successful take down game in BJJ.

Check out this video for some tips from Henry Cejudo on taking down a bigger opponent.

In this video you will see that Cejudo emphasizes the importance of never getting trapped underneath a bigger guy when grappling. He shows that using agility and fineness to set up an opponent can be a very effective way of getting a take down. For example, in a collar tie, the wrestling technique known as a ‘slide by’ can be an effective way to taking an opponent’s back by using their own strength and pressure against them.

Or, rather than tying up with a bigger opponent, a movement such as the ‘super duck’ is a slick technique to make your opponent think you’re headed in one direction but end up going to the opposite side. In this case, it’s all about the fake, and finding shortcuts to take the back in order to get the takedown.

As a smaller guy, getting to your opponents back opens up a lot of doors. How you get there has a lot to do with the setup. Wrestling techniques, like the ones demonstrated by Henry Cejudo can be a highly effective way to use your opponents size against them. The addition of take downs to your BJJ training can be one of the most beneficial things you can incorporate. For the most part, unless your opponents have a wrestling, judo, or sabmo background, there’s a good chance they train take downs much less than they do other positions. Having such an advantage at the start of a match with a few good take downs can be the difference between winning or losing.

Want to learn more about wrestling take downs for BJJ? Learn the wrestling based system for jiu jitsu that other BJJ guys can’t defend.



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