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Choke Dudes Out With The Baseball Bat Choke

Choke Dudes Out With The Baseball Bat Choke


Choke Dudes Out in 3 Seconds Or Less With The Baseball Choke

The Baseball Bat choke is probably one of the best choke submissions to make someone pass out QUICK. I can't think of how many times on the mat that I've seen a baseball bat choke dialed in, and not even 3 seconds later, the dude is all twitchy and taking a nap.

Here are 2 videos of some of the best ways to attack the baseball bat choke. If you're looking to master the art of choking dudes out in 3 seconds or less, click learn more.


Shawn Williams again showing a personal favorite variation of pretty common move. This time he is showing the Baseball Choke from knee on belly. This is how I learned the Baseball Choke from my instructor Rafael “Formiga” Barbossa, and has always one of my top percentage moves. Many other instructionals I have watched don’t use the lapel, they usually go straight for the collar. I find bringing the lapel under the arm adds a bit of sneakiness and control to this already amazing choke. And the detail of sliding the knee over the defending arm is something I always stress when I teach this technique. With just those two very simple modifications, the baseball choke has gone from a mediocre move for me to my absolute go to once I get into side control, Gi and no gi.

The baseball choke can also be done no gi, and I find even better success with it because it is much harder to coming. People aren’t thinking of that kind of choke when they aren’t in the gi and don’t have lapels.
This video isn’t exactly how I do my no gi variation, I was unable to find anyone else that does it like I learned it, they all do palm to palm or the S grip. So I guess I am just going to have to film my four finger variation of the baseball choke and do a write up for all you fine readers. Get back to you soon. Oss

Gi Chokes are some of the most versatile weapons in the grappling arts. Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are known for their nasty gi chokes. Travis Stevens has Chokes for BJJ like You Never Seen Before. Travis is a 2x US Olympian in Judo and 2x Copa Podio Finalist Travis Stevens. He's also a BJJ Black Belt under John Danaher. Travis Stevens shows his gichoking concepts which blend his pedigree as an Olympic Judoka and his BJJ Black Belt under the great John Danaher. Travis shows the most common places people get stuck and how you can overcome them. This program is a very easy and quick way to improve your BJJ Game.



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