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3 High Level Moves From ADCC Champ Yuri Simoes

3 High Level Moves From ADCC Champ Yuri Simoes


Learn Yuri Simoes' Secret Formula To No Gi Grappling

Yuri Simões is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Ricardo Vieira. He is considered by many to be one of the top grapplers of his generation, having first made a name for himself at lower belt levels in several important competitions. Some of Yuri Simoes main achievements include: ADCC Champion, IBJJF World Champion, IBJJF World No Gi Champion, IBJJF Pan American Champion, IBJJF European Open Champion, IBJJF South American Champion, CBJJ Brazilian National Championship Runner up, and more.

Yuri Simoes has a secret formula in no gi grappling that has not only allowed him to take down and pass the best guards in the world but simultaneously shutdown the best leg attack games.


Yuri Simoes was introduced to BJJ by his father at the early age of 9 years old. One of his earliest and most formative instructors was Mauricio Behring who inspired the competitive spirit in the young Yuri early on. After the tragic death of his mentor in 2006, continued to train BJJ under Ricardo Vieira where he would earn his purple and brown belts and continue developing his competitive prowess. After a brief stint at Atos, Yuri would remain with Checkmat BJJ under Vieira until 2013 when he made the move to Caio Terra’s association where he finds his home today.

Yuri Simoes is not only one of the top grappling competitors today, he is a much sought after instructor. As part of the Caio Terra Association, he has begun to follow in his world champion mentor's footsteps of being considered one of the top instructors in the sport. Yuri has a great instructional series called High Efficiency No Gi Jiu Jitsu, available exclusively on Let’s check out some of his high level techniques. Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

#1: Double Over Pass From Half Guard

The goal of the double over pass is to trap your partner’s legs by using your arms to wrap around the thighs. Yuri emphasizes that once you have you grip establish at the back of the legs you should be pulling your training partner’s knees into your chest.  Yuri also uses his head to pressure down on his opponent’s hips. Notice that his training partner can’t really get flat on his back. Even if he does, his hips are twisted, and he will not be able to bump Yuri off. Yuri also lifts the knees off the mat as he pressures forward with his head. This allows him to stretch the legs back and release the half guard. At this point it is common for your training partner to post his elbow on the mat and try to come up and frame against your head or shoulders. To deal with this Yuri locks up his position and starts working around his opponent’s back. As Yuri passes, his left arm continues to control the hips and his other arm goes around his training partner’s back, ending up in side control.

#2: High Crotch Single Leg

For the high crotch single leg, Yuri likes to start with inside arm control, having a grip on his opponent’s biceps, keeping his elbows inside so he can push on the arms. If his opponent tries to pass under his arms he blocks it with the elbow. Yuri circles and rotates back to re-established his inside tie grip. He also a lot of control over his opponent’s body, dictating how his top half moves, allowing him to break down the posture, and open up either side for a single leg. As soon as Yuri opens up one of his opponent’s sides he steps all the way around, to point where his knee is pinching his training partner’s knee so he can really secure the position. From the open side, he steps first with the opposite leg first, allowing him to move all the way around, securing the high crotch grip. To secure the high crotch grip, the hand that went around the opponent goes on top of the other wrist. Yuri stays connected to his opponent, pulling his leg up and into him so that his knees are tight around his legs. He uses his head to twist his body and control him as he goes to the ground, setting himself up for a leg lock, or a pass to side control.

#3: How To Kill The Knee Shield

To kill the knee shield, the first thing that Yuri does it he controls his training partner’s bottom leg using his arm in knee. From here he kicks his leg back and clears his opponent’s leg allowing him to sit on his opponent’s leg with his knee. Then he inches up his training partner’s body until he can secure the under hook. Yuri either gets double under hooks or arm and head control. The goal here is to smash your opponent. Yuri will keep climbing up his training partner’s body until he can isolate the arm for an arm bar. Keep in mind the entire time he is transitioning up the body he is using pressure and controlling the limbs. Another option is to get the under hook and pass to your training partner’s back side in order to take his back.

Yuri Simoes is not just one of the greatest competitors of all time, he is an amazing instructor with an efficient top game. He does not mess around when he grapples. He takes his opponent down, passes and submits. It is this reason why Yuri is a 2 time ADCC Championship Gold Medalist. Yuri has battled some of the best competition in the world with relentless and technical passing and submissions. If you liked these techniques then be sure to give them a try the next time you are on the mats. And if you want more from Yuri Simoes then check out his amazing instructional series, High Efficiency No Gi Jiu Jitsu, available exclusively on

Yuri has faced the best of the best and been able to implement his game on almost everyone. Yuri Simoe’s has finally revealed his tried and true methods in his news series High Efficiency No Gi Jiu Jitsu: Top Game and it will accelerate your No Gi game tenfold!



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