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3 Judo Secrets For BJJ From Olympic Gold Medalist Satoshi Ishii

3 Judo Secrets For BJJ From Olympic Gold Medalist Satoshi Ishii


Judo Is One Of The Best Martial Arts To Cross Train For BJJ. Satoshi Ishii's Take Downs And Chokes Are On A Whole Other Level!

It comes as no surprise that there is a lot to learn from Judo that can greatly enhance your BJJ game. May techniques in jiu jitsu are taken directly from this age old martial art. High level grapplers know to use what works, it does no matter where it originated: wrestling, jiu jitsu, SAMBO, judo, you name it. Often times you will see high level grapplers seek out specialists to help them gain insight into the never ending diversity that is combat sports. This can certainly be said about 5 time World Black Belt Champion Bernardo Faria. Bernardo has travelled around the world seeking out world champions who have secrets to their technique that make them masters of their craft.

The Tai Otoshi is a powerful throw, and Travis Stevens is one of the best in the world at hitting it. He has a whole DVD series with fellow Olympian and Judo Coach Jimmy Pedro on how to throw with the Tai Otoshi and many others.


Today we will take a look at 3 Judo techniques from Olympic Gold Medalist Satoshi Ishii. Satoshi Ishii is a well recognized Japanese judoka and mixed martial artist. His fame comes from his judo success. In 2004 Ishii won his first major judo title as he earned a gold medal in the Junior World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. 2 years later, he won the All Japan Judo Championship in Tokyo, Japan. A year after, Ishii along with the Japanese judo team won the World Judo team competition in Beijing, China. In 2008 Ishii again won the All Japan Judo Championship in Tokyo, Japan. However his biggest success as a judoka was winning the gold medal in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in the +100 kg category in Beijing, China. In 2011 Ishii returned to judo competition as he won the gold medal in the United States Championship in the open division.

Satoshi Ishii has a great instructional series called Japanese Judo Secrets available exclusively on! In this series, Satoshi teaches you old school dojo techniques that will help you learn to throw with more confidence than ever and dominate on the mats. Let’s check out some of what you can find in this series. Here are 3 Judo Secrets for BJJ from Olympic Gold Medalist Satoshi Ishii!

#1: Crazy Tight Clock Choke

The it comes to gi chokes, the clock choke is one of the most powerful chokes you can use on an opponent. It is a great choke to have in your arsenal because when done correctly, it can quickly end a match. Once you lock up the clock choke, there is very little chance to counter it. So let’s see what Satoshi Ishii’s secrets are to the clock choke. Check out the video below and then we will break down the technique!

As you can tell, this clock choke is serious business. Bernardo even says in the video that it is one of the tightest chokes he has ever felt. So what makes Satoshi’s choke so dangerous? There are a couple reasons. First of all, Satoshi adjusts his grip so he can grab the gi as deep as possible. Satoshi has such a strong collar grip that things already start to get immediately uncomfortable. Once Satoshi gets the grip he controls Bernardo’s arm, stopping him from posting and breaking his base. When Satoshi breaks down the base all he has to do is walk and put all of his weight on Bernardo, stopping him from moving… and breathing.

#2: The New Kimura

The kimura has been around for a long time. If you have spent any time on the mats at all, you are familiar with this submission, as it is usually one of the first ones you learn. The principles of the “new” kimura are similar, however this version has been much improved upon by Satoshi Ishii. You might think the kimura is already great as it, but the new kimura is much more effective. Let’s take a look. Check out the video below and then we will break down the technique!

Satoshi Ishii starts the new kimura from side control position. Notice his grip is much different than the traditional kimura grip. Satoshi wraps around his training partner’s arm with an over hook and connects it to his bicep. He uses his other arm to slice over his opponent’s arm, putting his hand on his elbow. From here all you have to do is make it tight. Look at how quick Bernardo taps! It does not take much motion at all to finish this kimura. Also take note that there are a few different spots from side control that you can hit this kimura from. Pass your training partners head to make this kimura even more brutal!

#3: Ouchi Gari For BJJ And Grip Control

The ouchi gari is one of the original Judo throws developed by the legendary Kano Jigoro. It is a very powerful throw that involves reaping your opponent’s leg from the inside while pulling him down. If there is one thing all BJJ players should know, it is a good Judo throw. This one is highly effective throw that will give you a huge advantage. Let’s see how it’s done! Watch the video below and then we will break down the technique. Check it out now! Or master with the course Powerful Judo by Mihael Zgank.

To hit the ouchi gari, Satoshi first establishes his grips. He prefers a collar grip with one hand and then gripping the gi sleeve on the opposite side as the collar. The next thing Satoshi emphasizes is the correct angle as which to step in for the throw. With the correct angle now in mind, Satoshi steps with his lead foot, then steps in with his back foot. From here he reaps Bernardo’s leg using his momentum sends him to the mat. Satoshi points out that you should not be lifting your leg off the ground when you go for the reap, but instead think about opening your opponent’s leg.

Talk about impressive! If you liked these techniques then be sure to check out Satoshi Ishii’s instructional series called Japanese Judo Secrets available exclusively on! Judo is one of the best martial arts you can learn from if you want to rapidly improve your grappling. So be sure to give these techniques a try the next time you are on the mats!

The kimura attack is one of the majoe concepts John Danaher teaches his Danaher Death Squad team.   According to Danaher, the Kimura has an incredible versatility factor due to the fact that it can be utilized in both Gi and No Gi and it is an extremely popular hold in MMA.  There have been countless UFC fights finished by way of Kimura.  Mastering this position will give the Jiu Jiteiro a weapon that can be used in all competition rule sets. Below we see John Danaher's student, Georges St. Pierre utilizing the Kimura in the highest levels of combat. 



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