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3 Submissions To Destroy Your Opponent

3 Submissions To Destroy Your Opponent


Learn These 3 Submissions To Dominate Your Opponent

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is definitely no stranger to the amazing speed and agility with which people take each other down, with moves being developed almost as the days go by. To wit, in order to help you understand some of the hype that is currently going abuzz in the BJJ community, let’s see some off the moves that currently have people talking about in the jiu jitsu community.

Learn how to attack the foot lock game like some of the best jiu jitsu fighters in the world.


Caio Terra Foot Lock

As you can probably goes from its name, this submission was developed by Caio Terra, while he implemented the foot lock at the highest levels of competition, it actually got its deserved recognition recently. Basically, the submission is a way of effectively applying an ankle lock to an opponent from the De La Riva guard position without leaving the De La Riva hook. It provides a tactical advantage, as an ability to still hold on to the guard provides for a wide array of sweeps and submissions if you fail at the initial attack.

Since Crag Jones used this submission, the lock has been the source of a lot of excitement as the jiu jitsu community is looking for a means of correcting its previous ignorance of lower body submissions. Coupled with the fact that this move was executed by one of the absolute best grapplers in the world at one of the most popular jiu jitsu tournaments in the world against one of the a toughest opponent, this move is definitely all the rage.

This jiu jitsu foot lock technique Caio Terra play numerous times in the past few years. He sets up this foot lock from De La Riva guard. Caio plays it in both Gi and No Gi, and has set it up on several opponents including Bruno Malfacine, Fabbio Passios, Daniel Tavares, and Henrique Rezende.

Inside Heel Lock

One of the most popular modern grappling trends is to focus on targeting the lower half of the opponent’s body with a leg lock. The inside heel hook / ashi garami, which is the most formidable of the leg locks, is definitely causing a lot of buzz into the grappling scene as well. It is quickly becoming apparent that the inside heel lock will continue to be a staple move in modern grappling competitions.

What makes this heel lock is effective is the intrinsic nature that the hold has. By twisting the heel, the attacker will be making use of the strong muscles in their back against the weaker muscles of the knee. The structural advantage means that this move has quickly become one that even beginning practitioners will be able to learn and implement effectively and safely.


The Kimura is actually proof that some of the most exciting techniques don’t have to be groundbreaking new moves. The Kimura was used by Masahiko Kimura to defeat Heiro Gracie in 1951, and it has gone through different stages of popularity since then.

While the figure four lock isn’t a state of the art development, people are now making use of it. The fact that the kimura can be used to defend against and counter takedowns, and this has propelled it to the forefront of the Jiu-Jitsu meta.

The kimura grip has some newly recognized secondary applications, and this is one of the reasons why it is seeing a major comeback in BJJ competition. Players now see that they can counter disadvantageous situations, such as being caught in an opponent’s single-leg takedown or being trapped in a guard.

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“If you haven’t felt a John Danaher heel hook then you haven’t really lived.” Gordon Ryan - July 18th, 2017



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