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The Omoplata Is The Easiest Position To Get

The Omoplata Is The Easiest Position To Get


The Omoplata is the easiest submission to get 

The omoplata, which actually means scapula in Portuguese, is a highly effective submission for Brazilian Jiu is also called the ashi sankaku garami (which translates to “leg triangle entanglement”) in judo, as well as the coil lock in catch wrestling.

The omoplata is a technique in which the legs of the attacking jiu jitsu fighter and his hips are used to extend the shoulder of the opponent past the normal range of motion. The lock, when applied to the shoulder, is strikingly similar to the Kimura lock, although the legs are used in the place of the figure four grip.

The omoplata was thought to have originated in either judo or catch wrestling, and it became popular in jiu jitsu due to the successful use of the move by Nino Schembri in the 90s. The most popular application of the omoplata is from the closed guard or other guard, and you can pull it off by placing a leg under the armpit of your opponent and rotating 180 degrees, thereby resulting in the leg moving over to the back off the opponent and around his arm.

You can complete the submission by taking control of the opponent’s body, often by placing an arm around his waist and putting some pressure on his shoulder b pushing his arm perpendicularly away from the back.

Learn how to the omoplata from anywhere like a World BJJ Champ.


How You Can Perform the Omoplata

The Omolata from Closed Guard

  1. From the closed guard position, break the posture of your opponent with the use off your arms  and legs
  2. Shift your hips in the direction of the arm that you plan to attack
  3. While you continue to take  control of your opponent’s posture, swim your arm under your leg on the side that you plan to attack
  4. Get a grip on the collar of your opponent
  5. Open your legs and have your body rotated at 180 degrees, thereby stretching your legs in front of you when the rotation is completed
  6. Control your opponent by wrapping your arm around his waist
  7. Keep your knees pointed towards your opponent
  8. To finish off the submission, just raise your hips off the ground

The Omoplata from Triangle Choke
It is also possible for an opponent to try to hide his arm in order to prevent you from finishing the triangle choke. When this happens, it is actually an awesome opportunity for you to finish the omoplata

  1. From the triangle choke position, push the head of your opponent in the opposite direction of the arm he’s hiding. You can do this by
  2. Making space by pushing away with your hips
  3. Simply pushing with the palm of your hand
  4. Placing your foot right in front of your opponent’s face
  5. If it is not already there, then you can place your foot that is on the side of the hidden arm right across the face of your opponent
  6. Keep your body rotated at 180 degrees
  7. Gain control of your opponent by wrapping your arm around his waist
  8. Keep your knees pointed towards your opponent
  9. Finish the submission by raising your hips off of the ground

Did you know that The Omaplata is the easiest move in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to get?
Most guys don't know how to get the move and even more don't even know how to finish it. Bernardo Faria does.He gets it from every where, closed guard, half guard, side control, mount, transitions.

There is only one requirement for you to get it: your opponent has to have an arm.. As long as he has one, he can and will be caught. Is there a secret to getting the Omaplata? Yes, there are many and that is the topic of his 4 disc DVD set:



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