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Shutting Down the Single Leg X Position with Cyborg

Shutting Down the Single Leg X Position with Cyborg


Smash The Single Leg X With Cyborg!

The single leg X or ashi garami position has become a guard of choice for practitioners everywhere. Made famous early on by the likes of Marcelo Garcia, it’s variety of uses and versatility lend itself to many different facets of the BJJ game. A younger crop of players now carries the torch, keeping the position fresh as a staple in attacking the lower half of the body. With the rise of leg locks, the single leg X has evolved to be a much larger part of the game. It has been used as a sort of jumping off point for those wishing to delve in to the leg lock realm, and it’s a great place to start, as it is a relatively simple concept to digest and put in to practice.

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A good single leg X can be tough to deal with if you’re tussling with a proficient player. How do we get past the SLX? There are a number of concepts. Here, Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu gives us an answer. This particular pass is in the gi, and it is sharp. Have a look at this.

As the SLX is established Cyborg gets a hold of the same side collar, and a grip on the opposite side pants. He then lowers his hips down, and uses his hand to remove his partners foot from his hip. After he lowers his level the hand from the collar makes a quick switch up to his opponents’ foot to remove it, and then returns once again to the same side lapel grab. Using the grip on the pants he cuts his hips and smashes his partners legs together.

Cyborg secures an under hook and spreads his knees wide to pin the shins to the mat. This detail is crucial in preventing the hip escape or any form of guard retention at this stage. If you’re too far up on to the thighs, things may unravel for you here. Cyborg keeps his head on the mat, cuts his hips so that his back knee is a barricade against his partners legs. He replaces his back knee with his front one to continue to keep his partners legs at bay, and then completes the pass by circling to the backside of his partner.

Simple and effective. Get to work!

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