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3 Techniques For BJJ From US Olympic Judo Coach Jimmy Pedro

3 Techniques For BJJ From US Olympic Judo Coach Jimmy Pedro


US Olympic Judo Coach Jimmy Pedro is a man who needs no introduction...

US Olympic Judo Coach Jimmy Pedro is a man who needs no introduction. His influence over the martial arts world is wide spread. Jimmy Pedro is also one of the most decorated judo players in American history. Coach Pedro is world renowned for his judo expertise, coaching ability, and elite training methods. His legacy extends far beyond his own accomplishment. Coach Jimmy Pedro’s students are Olympic Gold medalists. For example, Kayla Harrison made history not once, but twice in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games earning back to back gold medals. And let us not forget Olympic Silver medalist Travis Stevens.

Judo has some of the most powerful and aggressive closed guard passing. Judo Olympian and Renowned Coach Jimmy Pedro thinks there are some simple ways to pass almost any guard, and when he tries them he still smashes them. 


Coach Jimmy Pedro’s influence also extends into the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Today we are going to explore 3 techniques for BJJ from US Olympic Judo Coach Jimmy Pedro. Let us get started!

 #1: Over Under Pass

The over under pass is a very effective guard pass that you should know. It is a great technique, no matter what your level of experience. Let’s see how Jimmy does the over under pass. Watch the video and then we will break down his technique. Check it out now!

Coach Jimmy Pedro always starts outside with one leg when his opponent is playing open guard. Coach Pedro will fake his opponent by allowing him to have one butter fly hook on his leg. This is a set up that allows Coach Pedro to attack the opposite leg. He gets control by grabbing his opponent’s gi and he pulls it tight. He wants to get his opponent’s leg down past his shoulder, in order to control his opponent’s hip. Jimmy wants to control his opponent’s hip so it can’t come back up on Jimmy’s shoulder.

Now Coach Pedro can wrap his arm low around his opponent’s leg. He comes around the leg and uses his knee to drive in, bringing his knee on top of his opponent’s. From here he can sit back and spread his opponent’s legs wide. As long as Jimmy remains above his training partner’s knee he will be able to move his arm and control the head. To clear the leg out, Jimmy flattens his body and brings his knee over the leg of his training partner. Then Jimmy brings his leg to his opponent’s hip and he establishes side control.

As you can tell this is a very powerful pass, that when done correctly can be very efficient. Just remember, the most important thing with this over under pass is that you can’t start inside your opponent’s guard because it will be hard to get out.

#2: Grip Fighting

Grip fighting can be the difference between having an advantage over your opponent or losing control of the pace of a match. Many novice BJJ players do not truly realize the important of grip fighting. But grips are everything in any grappling martial art. Every roll starts with a grip fight. If you want to handle your opponent and stop them from passing you need to establish your grips. Check out the video below on grip fighting from Coach Jimmy Pedro.

Remember always keep your hands up when establishing grips. You are always looking to attack an opponent’s hand. Jimmy Pedro prefers two hands on one, grabbing your opponent’s sleeve and wrist, stopping him from effectively grabbing your gi lapel. If you control the wrist you control your opponent’s hand. Once you have the wrist you should push it down and away from your body. From here you secure the gi by taking away all the slack from around the elbow. Now you have control over your opponent’s hand, as he can’t bring that hand up to you.

By controlling the hand and wrist you can keep your opponent at a distance and determine where the fight goes from here. However if your opponent does get his grip you want to grab him at the wrist and break his grip by pushing down and away from your body. At the same time you should be moving your body away from your training partner. This act of pushing his arm down and pulling your shoulder away is what effectively breaks the grip.

#3: Preventing The Kimura From Over Under

Kimura’s can be a deadly submission. Some times you do not always see them coming. If you happen to get caught in a kimura from over under then Coach Jimmy Pedro has just the solution for you. Check out the video below!

If you happen to find youself in a kimura from the over under position then grab your opponent’s gi pants while he is locking up the kimura. Now you can squeeze the pant leg as you escape your leg and sit. Once you post with that leg you can rip your hand free, it will definitely come loose.

These are 3 very helpful techniques from US Olympic Judo Coach Jimmy Pedro! Remember, you can always learn grappling techniques from a variety of different practices. There are many techniques in Judo that can easily be useful in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Be sure to check out some more of Jimmy Pedro’s techniques if you are looking for new ideas. And don’t forget to check out Travis Stevens and Kayla Harrison too! All three of these Olympic athletes can teach you more than you know.

Jimmy Pedro's Secret to Power Guard Passing starts off with what he calls a split the legs pass – or an over / under grip. You can literally use this pass for any guard and go into it at any time. This pass is used a lot in BJJ – principally by pressure passer Bernardo Faria, but Jimmy has a very different twist on it – literally. It is a different pass but equally as effective. If you like the type of Jiu Jitsu that is simple, strong and works every time, you will be blown away by this pass.



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