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The Muriplata Technique For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Muriplata Technique For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


The 'Muriplata' From Closed Guard by Junior Mesquita

Junior “Muri” Mesquita is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, and a big enthusiast of all kind of sports. He has about 20 years of experience in professional martial arts, where 16 of them are exclusively for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has dedicated 10 years to teaching and studing this incredible system of fighting. His experience has taken him around the globe, and he has tested his skills against some of the most renowned world class competitors. Muris personal achievements in professional martia arts are: 3 - 0 In professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), 2 times Brazilian champion, 5 times regional champion, and 6 times Brasilia champion. Junior Mesquito is also a black belt in Judo.

There is a science to escaping bad positions in jiu jitsu. If you don't have the tools or the concepts to escape, you will waste all your energy and not get anywhere.


Today Junior “Muri” is going to show us a technique that he is very good at. He is so good at it that he put his own name on the technique. This move is called the “muriplata.” This position is done from the closed guard and it is a forearm lock. It is so strong and effective that it feels like Muri is going to break your forearm in half. Watch the video below and then we will break down the steps for performing a perfect muriplata. Check it out now!

As you can tell this is a very different submission, probably one that your training partner will be completely unfamiliar with and never see coming. Because it is not an often seen position this is a great one to surprise any opponent with no matter their skill level. They likely will not know how to defend the muriplata. Take note of Muri’s positioning when he goes for the finish. He uses his body to get the finish and he has his leg over the shoulder with a 2 on 1 grip. He uses his hips, making this a very powerful position. As you can tell, Muri’s training partner, Bernardo Faria is in a lot of pain. So be careful when practicing this one! The submission comes on very quick.

Another benefit is that since it is a different submission, your opponent may think you are going for a wrist lock, a kimura, or an omoplata and they might not be worried until they start to feel the pressure.  That makes this very good. So give this submission a try and see if it works for you. It is very good as long as you practice to get precision technique. I hope you found this video useful. Thank you Junior Mesquita for demonstrating the muriplata for us here today!

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