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3 Techniques To Make Your No Gi Chokes More Effective

3 Techniques To Make Your No Gi Chokes More Effective


Do Not Get Frustrated By Failed Choke Attempts Any More -- Lachlan Giles Has All The Answers For Improving Your No Gi Submissions!

If you love training No Gi you have probably spent a lot of time focused on how to improve your submissions. Choking some one in no gi grappling is an art form. When you are in the gi, it seems a lot easier to grab a hold of the collar or a sleeve to control your opponent while you are choking them. But no gi is much less forgiving. The truth is, if you do not know how to make your chokes tight, your opponent is going to escape every time. It comes down to precise technique, and one of the world’s most accomplished Australian grapplers of all time, Lachlan Giles, understands the tips and techniques to make your chokes deadly.

Learn The Precise Yet Simple Techniques and Tips That Will Allow You To Choke Anyone...


Lachlan Giles is an Australian grappler and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under John Simon. Lachlan is known as one of the top Aussie competitors who is active today. The list of Lachlan’s achievements is impressive. Some of his most notable titles are ADCC Asia and Oceania Trials Champion, IBJJF Pan Pacific Champion, IBJJF Pan Pacific No Gi Champion, UAEJJF Continental Pro Champion and more.

Lachlan a great instructional series called “High Percentage Chokes: No Gi” available exclusively on If you love no gi, then this is a great tool for teaching you simple yet precise techniques and tips for improving your chokes! Let us take a look at 3 of the techniques you will find in this series that will help make your chokes more effective. Here we go!

Countering Grip on the Non Choking Hand

Sometimes when you are going for the arm in guillotine your training partner will reach in and try to pull you the non choking arm away to try and prevent the submission. To counter this Lachlan reaches his choking hand in deep all the way through so his hand is sticking out on the other side of his training partner’s neck. This is a really tight choke and now your partner is not going to be able to pull your arm out. To finish the choke Lachlan puts his leg around his opponent’s back and then grabs his knee with his free arm.

Countering The Roll on Top

Sometimes when you are playing the invert north south position, your opponent will try to roll on top of you to pin you on the mat. It can be frustrating to deal with but Lachlan has an easy method for countering it. If your training partner tries to posture up from this position, prevent it by stretching their arm across your body, capturing it just below your chin. You should also wrap your other arm around and grab underneath your training partner’s chin. Now it is nearly impossible for your opponent to get up. Also known as the anaconda grip, this position works very well for controlling your training partner while you finish the anaconda choke.

If your training partner does manage to get up into the front head lock position it will be difficult to finish the anaconda choke. Typically your training partner will post their hand on the mat to prevent you from securing the choke. This also makes it hard to roll your opponent. You can counter this by switching your grip as soon as your opponent gets to his knees. Get a gable grip under you opponent’s arm pit and then swing your leg over to finish the choke. If your partner is able to roll through you will have to return to the north south position, trapping his arms and working towards the anaconda choke.

10 Finger Guillotine

The 10 Finger guillotine works very well when your opponent’s head is stuck in the middle of your chest. All you have to do is box your opponent’s head with your arms to contain him. This will prevent him from escaping his head to either side. Now get your stock on top of his head to create pressure, causing your opponent not to be able to get up. From here you can get to your feet and finish the choke. If your training partner starts walking backwards on all fours then keep your weight on top of him and stand up slightly to follow him backwards. So long as your weight is on top of your opponent he will not be able to escape to either side.

I hope you found these techniques useful! I am sure we could also use any tips we can get on finishing chokes in no gi. It can be really hard to lock up a choke without your opponent escaping! But with techniques like these from Lachlan Giles you can improve your no gi chokes and make them much more efficient. If you liked these three techniques then I recommend checking out Lachlan Giles’ instructional series “High Percentage Chokes: No Gi” available exclusively on!


Learn The Precise Yet Simple Techniques and Tips That Will Allow You To Choke Anyone In Your Gym When Training No Gi

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