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4 Arm Bars For BJJ That Will Leave Your Opponent Scratching Their Head

4 Arm Bars For BJJ That Will Leave Your Opponent Scratching Their Head


Master One Of The Most Efficient Submissions For BJJ With These Effective Techniques!

If you have spent any time on the mats you will know just how versatile arm bars can be. It is one of the first submissions you learn, and one that never stops showing itself in a variety of different positions. The arm bar is an incredibly powerful submission because anyone can do it. With good technique, it does not require athletic amounts of strength and agility to tap your opponent with an arm bar.

Renato is a master a constantly attacking for the arm bar finish and getting it on the top IBJJF competitors in the world...


Because the arm bar is so widespread most of the time your opponent is going to know how to counter it effectively. What you really need are some unique arm bars that your training partner will not see coming. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 4 arm bars for BJJ that will leave your opponent scratching their head! Here we go.

#1: The Unexpected Arm Bar From Single Leg Half Guard by Renato Canuto

Renato Canuto is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under his father Valdir Canuto. Renato represents team Checkmat BJJ in the sport’s international circuit. Canuto is widely regarded as one of the most exciting grapplers of his generation having proved his worth in a wide spectrum of grappling rules. He is also notorious for having some sneaky, unexpected arm bars. So let’s take a look. Check out the video below and then we will break down Renato’s arm bar from single leg half.

Canuto starts off this technique standing in his opponent’s guard. What Canuto likes to do from this position is prevent his training partner from entering in to capture his leg before they stand up. He feeds his thumb through the back of his opponent’s collar and uses his forearm to pressure at that arm with the lapel grip. By pushing on the arm and pulling on the arm with the lapel grip at the same time you control your opponent and give yourself an opportunity to pull your foot out and start dominating the position. From here Renato Canuto kicks his legs across his opponent while maintaining his grips. He takes a big step with this leg into his opponent, sending him over. To finish the arm bar Renato simply sits back.

#2: Arm Bar Finish while Being Stacked

Tom DeBlass is one of the most decorated American Grapplers there is. In this video he shows us how to properly finish the arm bar from guard when your opponent is stacking you. The stack is one of the most common defenses to the arm bar from guard and many people have a tendency to give up when they are being stacked but Tom has a sneaky trick to finish the arm bar from here. Check out the video and then we will break down Tom DeBlass’ technique for finishing the arm bar while being stacked!

When you are caught in an arm bar, it is typically the best to try and stack your opponent. If you try to rip your arm out, you have to extend your arm which gives your training partner an opportunity to finish the submission. But when you stack and pull your arm out you have a higher percentage chance of freeing yourself. When getting stacked, Tom recommends coming over your opponent’s head without your outside leg to lock his shoulder. Now your opponent will have a harder time pulling their arm out. You can pinch the arm and continue to look for the arm bar as your training partner stacks you. Simple but really sneaky and effective!

#3: Lasso to Arm Bar by Kurt Osiander

Kurt is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Ralph Gracie and a cult hero in the BJJ community. The lasso to arm bar submission is a technique Kurt has used successfully many times in competition, so you know it works. Watch the video below of Kurt Osiander demonstrating his lasso to arm bar then we will break it down the technique. Check it out now!

From top lasso guard, the first thing Kurt Osiander does is get his grips and pass his opponent’s leg. Now he rotates 90 degrees and goes straight to the arm arm lock. It is as easy as stepping over the head and sitting back. Kurt exploits his opponent when he keeps his leg too close. He passes the leg over to the arm currently caught in the lasso and then grabs the opposite wrist using the gi sleeve. It allows him to rotate his opponent easily, completely removing his ability to defend in the lasso guard. He puts his knee on his training partner’s belly; steps over with his other foot, and then wraps the arm. That is what makes it possible to hit the arm bar without giving your opponent the possibility of rolling out to escape.

#4: Pendulum Arm Bar From Closed Guard

This is a very unique way to hit an arm bar from closed guard. Let’s take a look at how you can nail a pendulum arm bar from closed guard. If you have never heard of the pendulum arm bar that is because it is lesser known. This makes it a great submission to surprise your opponent with. Check out the video below and then we will break down the technique!

The pendulum arm bar from closed guard only takes three steps to do. First you want to loosen your training partner’s lapel by freeing it from his belt. Now under hook your opponent’s leg and pass the lapel to your hand. Second, grab the back of your opponent’s gi to break down his posture in order to kick your leg over him in a motion that resembles a pendulum. To finish the arm bar grab the back of your training partner’s arm. Pull your training partner’s elbow to your hip and then you should kick out with your leg. Throw your leg over your training partner’s shoulder and finish the arm bar.

Now that you know these four unique arm bars, what are you waiting for? Get out there and stump your opponent’s! If you are looking for more arm bar techniques then be sure to check out the wide variety of instructional series available on! The arm bar is so common because of one simple reason: it just works. The more you know about the arm better, the higher percentage your submission attempts will be!

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