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The 92 Double Sleeve Guard From Jay Wadsworth Will Transform Your Game

The 92 Double Sleeve Guard From Jay Wadsworth Will Transform Your Game


The 92 Double Sleeve Guard Was Made For Easy Sweeps And Submissions From A Highly Effective Attacking Position

The 92 double sleeve guard is a revolutionary new way to play guard. Its inventor, Jay Wadsworth, is one of BJJ’s finest innovators when it comes to new guard techniques. Jay Wadsworth is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor and urban cop in western New York. He is a Black Belt representing BJJ Revolution Team. He is also an active competitor with awards including: 2016 Underground Series Black Belt Champion, 2015 NYS Hayastan Grappling Absolute Light and Heavy weight  Champion, 2014 IBJJF Toronto Gold medalist, 2014 IBJJF Boston Bronze medalist, 2014 Naga Michigan Silver medalist and more. Jay is a veteran of 13 combined pro and amateur MMA fights earning a 7 - 6 record with two Championship titles. Jay is also a Law Enforcement Professional specializing in Defensive Tactics and SWAT and a Combatives instructor at NYTOA and TacOps East.

Jay's 92 Double Sleeve Guard is a great attacking guard position for triangle chokes, arm bars, omoplatas and sweeps.


Jay has an excellent instruction series all about the 92 Double Sleeve Guard, available exclusively on! So what exactly is the 92 double sleeve guard? Let’s find out from the man who invented it. Check out the video below and then we will break down the technique!

The 92 double sleeve guard is combination of the Z guard and a cross collar grip. This revolutionary guard is a very uncommon position to see in BJJ. It is a great guard because it opens up a ton of opportunities for sweeps and submissions. Jay usually likes to work into this guard from a more standard position like closed guard with a 2 on 1 grip on controlling one of his opponent’s arms. Having the arm captured, Jay feeds it over his body while posting on the mat to hip escape. He maintains a knee shield in order to control his opponent’s distance. Jay also uses his other hand to pull the arm across by cupping behind the elbow.

Arm control is very important in the 92 double sleeve guard. While you have control of the arm you have many different options for attacking, such as an arm bar, or taking your opponent’s back. Jay uses this grip primarily when his opponent is on their knees. It allows him to have an excellent source of control and he can use it to sweep and submit his opponent.  Many times to defend this position, his opponent will stand at which point Jay will set up another guard that he prefers to play.

Now that we have a better understanding of how to play the 92 double sleeve guard, let’s check out a couple of techniques you can use from the guard. First we’ll take a look at how to stop your opponent from pressure passing by using a scissor sweep. Check out the video below and then we will break down the technique!

To hit a scissor sweep from the 92 double sleeve guard, Jay kicks out his opponent’s knee by pushing on one side and pulling on the other. He knows his opponent is going to turn and try to come back up into him, so Jay windshield wipers on his way up. As he comes up in the scissor sweep he puts his foot on the mat, pull his training partners arm and ends on a knee on belly position. Jay prefers to keep the cross grip and the grip on the back of his training partner’s collar. He extends his foot out to stable his base in the knee on belly. If his opponent turns away then Jay starts attacking his back.

If you liked the scissor sweep then you will definitely love this triangle choke from the 92 double sleeve guard. It is a very tight choke that Jay uses to completely demoralize his opponents. Let’s check it out! Watch the video below and then we will break down the technique!

Start this one with your double sleeve grip, using your foot inside your opponent’s hip. You want knee pressure on your opponent’s face as you pull his arm at the same time you push away at the hip. Typically your opponent is going to have an outside grip on your leg. To counter this Jay stretches his training partner, creating distance with his legs. Notice though that his legs are never completely straight. He has a slight bend at the knee. This puts you in the perfect position to hit the triangle. Simply bring your knee up and swing your leg over your opponent’s back, keeping the arm across the body. Adjust your angle and lock everything up for the tightest triangle your opponent will ever feel!

The 92 double sleeve guard is just one of many of Jay’s fine instructions, but if you liked these techniques then definitely be sure to check out “The 92 Double Sleeve Guard” available exclusively on! Jay’s 92 double sleeve guard is a great starting point for a variety of sweep and submissions like the ones we just looked at. So be sure to add this guard to your arsenal to gain a huge advantage over your opponents!

The 92 Double Sleeve Guard by Jay Wadsworth: The Key To Countering Pressure Passing On The Bottom. The gripping "tricks" used in the 92 Guard is perfect for big guys who love to smash and grind smaller dudes guards. It's like a kimura grip, but not, and it gives you a ton of deadly submission attacks from everywhere! With 2 Sleeves Pressure Passing Just Doesn't Work!



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