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How To Hit A Kimura From Turtle Guard In BJJ

How To Hit A Kimura From Turtle Guard In BJJ


Eduardo Telles Took What Was Once Seen As A "Weak" Position And Revolutionized It With His Unorthodox Style Of Grappling

Are you familiar with the turtle guard? If you have spent any time at all on the mats then you will have probably found yourself in the turtle position. The turtle position can be a difficult place to find yourself in. Usually it is in response to an attacker as a “last resort” to evade a sweep or submission. Most instructors out there will tell you that the turtle position is not a place you want to hang out in for very long. Sure, with a good turtle you can protect your face from punches and limbs from submissions, but the major weakness is that you expose your back, leaving yourself vulnerable to attacks from an opponent who has now mounted your back – a much worse position than the turtle.

Eduardo Telles has one of the most unorthodox styles in BJJ. Surprise all of your training partners with Eduardo's competition tested techniques


Of course, guys like Eduardo Telles see a “weakness” and learn how to innovate on it. You might be surprised to know that even the half guard was once seen as a weak position to be. The half guard was originally a last ditch effort to prevent your guard from being passed. But when grappler masters find themselves in a position over and over again, they start finding ways to fortify the position, making their defense, and subsequently offense, much strong. The case for the turtle guard is no different. Its inventor, Eduaro, is considered by many to be one of the most creative black belts in the world today. Eduardo is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Fabio Gurgel. He is famous for his style known as “esquijitsu,” which translates roughly to “weird jiu jitsu.” Telles is infamous for his unique style of grappling, having invented the turtle guard, the octopus guard, and more.

Today we are going to look at how Eduardo Telles hits a kimura from the turtle guard. You can find this technique, and many others, on Eduardo’s instructional series, “Turtle Guard Revisted” available exclusively on Watch the video below and then we will break down how to hit a kimura from the turtle guard. Check it out now!

Eduardo calls this one the “butter fly trap.” It can be a very deceptive way to get a fast submission on any opponent, no matter their size or level of experience. Eduardo emphasizes the importance of first contact when setting up the butter fly trap. How you establish a connection to your training partner determines where you can move, and whether or not you are at an advantage. You want to get your grips and feet position right. Eduardo places his feet on the inside of his training partner’s legs. He connects with his hands using one to grip his opponent’s wrist and the other at his opponent’s shoulder.

This set up allows Eduardo to place his knee in his training partner’s waist and over hook his opponent’s arm. Intuitively, your training partner is going to track to take your back, thinking you gave them an easy route to pass around your side. This is just the reaction Eduardo anticipates in order to get the kimura. Pay attention to Eduardo’s position. In this case, his training partner does not really have his back because of Eduardo’s leg placement. From here Eduardo simply switches to half guard and trap his opponent’s leg. To finish the kimura he grabs his opponent’s lapel to tighten up the submission, causing his opponent to tap.

This is a really cool way to hit a kimura! If you are looking for some unique ways to play guard then I highly recommend you check out Eduardo Telles’ instruction series called “The Turtle Guard Revisited!” The turtle guard is one of the unique moves that not many people know. So give yourself a huge advantage by learning a way of playing guard that no one in your gym will know how to counter! I hope you found this technique useful. Be sure to give the kimura from turtle guard a try the next time you are on the mats. It could be just the technique you need to deal with those tough guys!

Learn The Secrets Of The Turtle Guard From The World Champion Who Has Used It For Decades To Beat The Best Fighters On Earth It Might Sound Completely Nuts, But Eduardo Telles Beats The Best Guys – From His Hands & Knees.

This is your opportunity to learn one of the most unorthodox systems in bjj. This system will be unlike anything you have ever seen and you can use it to easily destroy all of your training partners.

Eduardo Telles is one of the trailblazers of sport jiu-jitsu, a true technician in modern grappling, and he is here giving everyone a new look into the position that he revolutionized. As one of the foremost masters of the guard, Eduardo Telles flows and attacks as good as anyone we have ever seen. Known for his unique brand of esquijitsu (‘weird’ jiu-jitsu), Eduardo has always fought his own unique style, and he has done it at the highest levels of the sport. Now, with decades of experience, one of grappling’s best coaches is here to break down the position he is best known for, turtle guard.

Learn what more than 20 years of hard training will get you, Eduardo Telles is a living legend



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