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4 Submissions For BJJ From Matheus King Kong Diniz

4 Submissions For BJJ From Matheus King Kong Diniz


Matheus "King Kong" Diniz is currently one of the most well decorated students to have come from the illustrious Marcelo Garcia Academy in New York City.

As a brown belt, he began making his mark on the competitive scene winning the IBJJF World No Gi Championships in 2013 and 2014. He also was victorious winning the Pan American Championships in 2015. Most recently, Matheus was crowned Middleweight Champion at the April 2018 Kasai Pro 2 event in New York City.

Even though The Danaher Death Squad guys are known for their leg locks... and now triangles, John Danaher also is a master of explaining and breaking down the triangle submission.


When it comes to being a well rounded Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player, all the top level competitors understand how important it is to “flow” with your opponent. The concept of flowing is to move with your opponent, with an intuitive sense of where and what direction to move in. Having an understanding of this flow allows you to chain together transitions, sweeps, and submissions. In competition, you are looking for these types of series to gain an advantage on your opponent and either score points or find that submission.

Matheus Diniz has a great instructional series called “Position To Submission” in which he shares tons of high level advice on using sweeps or passes to hit submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Matheus is a great instructor with the ability to break down concepts into fundamental movement patterns, making these techniques easy for anyone to learn no matter your level of skill. So let’s check out 4 submissions for BJJ from Matheus Diniz!

#1: Matheus Diniz: Knee Cut Pass From Half Guard To Katagatame

A lot of people rush things when playing top half guard. What Matheus encourages you to do is reach around and control your opponent’s hips. Next you should be looking to control your opponent’s bottom arm. This prevents him from behind able to sweep you, or leg lock you. With the hips and the arms controlled pull away on the arm, stay low on the hip and roll your shoulder so that you move your opponent’s elbow forward. It is very important to stay low to prevente your opponent from getting an under hook. From here Matheus pushes forward into his opponent, smashing his guard, and establishing the proper positioning to maintain control over his opponent’s body before he starts to pass.

Make sure you have a really strong gable grip behind your opponent’s neck. Now you can start working to pass your opponent’s guard. Circle your outside foot in and wedge it in between the gap of your leg and his. Open your knee a little bit to strengthen your base. A very common mistake people make is to no widen their base and get easily swept. From here cut your know to escape your leg and come back to the mount position. As you get to the mount keep your shoulder tight so you can easily maintain a strong position. The person on the bottom will not be able to move much as long as his arm is across his body.

#2: Deep Half To Throw Away Trash To Crucifix by Matheus Diniz

Now we are going to work on how to get into deep half from bottom half guard. The first thing you should be looking to do is frame against your opponent’s arm and shoulder with both your hands. All you are looking for is the ability to stretch your leg as you replace your leg with your arm for an under hook around your opponent’s lower back. Remember to keep controlling your opponent’s bicep as you shoot in for the under hook. This is a very important detail. With your under hook you can grip your opponent’s belt or hips. Now tuck your chin under your training partner and feed your arm through to behind your opponent’s knee. All you have to do is rock your legs to continue the sweep.

Switch your hand to grab your opponent’s near side ribs. From here lift and get your opponent’s entire leg on your shoulder. The next step is very important. Matheus’ knee is blocking his opponent’s leg. He stretches his leg and places his foot on his opponent’s knee for more level, keeping everything tight and maintains a good grip. Your opponent will post with their hands on the mat to prevent to sweep.  When he does this you should post with your hand on the mat and come up to your knee. As you come up make sure to look up, grab your opponent’s knee and pull him to you into a body lock.

#3: De La Riva Single Leg Sweep To Knee Bar Or Over Under Pass by Matheus Diniz

This sweep starts from the De La Riva. In this case, Matheus does not have a deep De La Riva. His hook is shallow and his partner is control him from the lapel and the inside of the pants with his grips. The first thing Matheus does is grab the back of his opponent’s ankle and lapel. This allows him to hold his partner for a little bit. Most likely as you get here you can start working a sweep. To hit the sweep switch your hand from the lapel and grip behind your opponent’s knee. Keep good control of your opponent with your other foot by hooking behind his knee. Now Matheus looks to stretch his opponent by pushing away above the knee. At the same time you stretch your training partner you also want to post your hand and foot on the mat and sit up.

From this position pull your opponent’s leg back to reap his leg, causing him to go over. With your training partner’s leg trapped you end up in a great position and you can start working for a submission. As you land the sweep you can either go to a knee bar or an over under pass. To hit the knee bar make a hook on your opponent’s calf. This catches his leg, making it impossible for him to turn it. Make sure you keep his hips in place and tuck your elbows. Now slowly drop your hips and the submission will be right there. If there person does not tap go back on the balls of your feet, kick your leg out and finish a pass instead.

#4: Half Guard Sweep To Back Take To Choke by Matheus Diniz

When you are playing deep half guard you want to keep your head up high to control your partner’s knee. Block his other knee so he can’t pressure forward. Use your hand on the knee to lift your partner’s leg, which will allow you to prop it up with your back leg. Move your hand from his thigh you to his hip and then explode as you bump your opponent sideways. This will cause him to have a very wide and unstable base. Any time you do this your training partner is going to use that momentum to try and crawl out of the position. But you still have his leg trapped which is what allows you to take the back. Matheus switches to his opponent’s hips and then looks to hit the sweep. He does this by turning his leg around and extending it across his training partner’s legs. This is done in one fluid motion while dropping to his knee and sweeping his opponent. Notice that when Matheus Diniz hits the sweep he still maintains his hip grip as his opponent goes to the mat. From here his training partner will be on all fours which will allow Matheus to switch to the back and set his hooks. As Matheus takes the back he also feeds his arm in to hit the choke. Because this happens all at the same time he ends up rolling through until his back is on the mat and he has the choke ready to lock up.

The coolest thing about these techniques are that Matheus is not just showing you a single submission or 1 move, he is showing you a series of moves in order to flow with your opponent. By having options to sweep or submit you open up more possibilities to stay dominant and control the fight. If you liked these 4 submissions from Matheus Diniz then be sure to check out his instruction series, “Position To Submission” available right here on It is packed with great advice for creating a road map to submissions by starting with a sweep or a pass.

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