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6 Ways to Deal with the Knee Shield with Lachlan Giles

6 Ways to Deal with the Knee Shield with Lachlan Giles


The search continues for the perfect way to deal with a good knee shield...

We encounter the knee shield so frequently, that our study of the position and the endless search for what works best for us seems to be a constant process. I have been shown many ways to pass the knee shield, but I feel that body type, the type of passing you prefer, and the position of the knee shield are all huge factors in in our quest to become more proficient at solving the enigma of the knee shield. When we find ideas that fit into our game, we keep them around and they become our “go to” reactions, but as our partners get smarter and more savvy to our efforts to pass, their guard will also evolve to deal with our passing.

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In this video Lachlan Giles gives us six different ways to approach the knee shield. Some are situational and predicated on the position of the knee shield, but there are some great ideas here on how we can adjust to and manage the knee shield position, and set ourselves up for more success when attempting to pass it. Take a look!

An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. This is true here as Giles first explains the best way to deal with the knee shield is very early. However, this is a perfect world scenario, and will not always work. So, on to the contingencies.

    1. The first idea Giles presents us with is to walk the legs back to the center and reset, so that essentially, we can try again. To do this, Giles reaches under his partners bottom leg, cupping it so that this leg will not be a factor in further entangling him as he adjusts and moves back to the center. Giles plants his hand firmly in his partners far hip, and begins to walk sideways back to the middle. Once his partner is flat, he can re enter his elbow into the correct position and begin to advance once more.

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  1. Here, Giles controls the foot on the same leg of his partners knee shield. With the leg secured he can rotate his body, clearing the line of his partners legs, and covering the knee shield. This lands him in a hip switch position, where he is now facing the legs and can choose from multiple passes. Be sure to block the bottom leg here to prevent recovery and a possible hack take.
  2. For this option, Giles stays low, controlling his partner’s bottom leg. He retreats just a bit and gets his knee back on the floor. He then weaves his arm behind the top leg and over the front of the bottom leg. Here, he’ll look to secure some control by grabbing the wrist, as he plants his head firmly on his partners midsection. To release his leg, he lifts his hips up and frees his knee. He then sends his knee to the mat in the style of a knee cut pass, and uses a windshield wiper motion to free his foot. He’s now poised to complete the pass.
  3. Dealing with a lower knee shield, Giles hugs his partner’s hip with his top arm, and cups his partners bottom knee with his outside hand. He then plants his head on the mat, angles his knees a bit, and performs another windshield wiper movement, beating his partner’s leg. With a kick of his feet, he elevates his hips and travels to the other side.
  4. Dealing with a higher knee shield, Giles surrounds his partners bottom knee with his. He then keeps his chest heavy on his partners shield, steps wide, and circles around causing his partner to go flat to his back. Once again Giles is in perfect position to pass.

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