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A Sense Of Pride In Everyone's Success

A Sense Of Pride In Everyone's Success


Seeing your peers promoted can be as important as seeing yourself

Stripes, Promotions, Shout Outs! We all love them. We all want want them and sometimes we even expect them. When it’s your turn to level up or when you get accolades for your achievements, you’re excited, you’re proud and you want to share it with everyone you know! You post it on social media! You Snap it to your story. Everyone comments and everyone has kind words. Your 15 minutes of fame feels like heaven! I do it and I know you do too! It’s absolutely human nature to be proud of ourselves and want to share that glory with our friends and families.

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 What about when you’re not the one in the spot light? What about when the stripes are being taped to the belts of your friends for their hard fought accomplishments or the crisp new colored belt replaces the tattered and worn old belt of your teammate because they didn’t quit, they continued to show up and put the work into achieving this new level of success.


When your professor calls them onto the center of the mat to tape that strip of white athletic tape over the black bar of their belt or to tie that award around their waist, what’s going through your head?


If it’s not excitement and happiness for your friends and teammates, if it’s not a sense of pride for sharing the mats with someone willing to do whatever it takes to be a part of something so special, do you really deserve those 15 minutes.


When you partner with someone higher ranked than you, they teach you, they help you, they correct you. When you roll with a lower rank you do the same for them. We don’t earn our stripes or our new belt rankings alone. We have professors, coaches and friends who give us all a little something that contributes to us wanting more Jiu Jitsu so we keep going back. We get stripes because our will to learn by others experience and patience with us was unfaltering.


 We continue to grow with the help of others and we are part of growth in others. We achieve our promotions because we allowed ourselves to open our minds and hearts to learning from and teaching others along the way.

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Try to get a single stripe without rolling with a professor or a coach or a teammate for a period of time. Try not implementing the instruction of your coaches. Try to come to class and think you could do a technique all on your own. It’s probably not going to get you very far and it certainly is not going to be nearly as fun as it would be with a training partner to drill, laugh and make mistakes with and eventually achieve success together.


When  it’s not you standing toe to toe with your professor or coach getting a stripe promotion or a vibrant new colored belt but a teammate, think back at how often you two rolled together. How often did you partner with them and learn with them, how often did you help each other remember a detail of a technique one of you missed.


All of that is part of the smile and the feeling of pride of which you boast. Remember those things the next time you’re professor calls you out to advance you on your journey to the next level. When it’s a teammate shining in the bright light, feel that same pride and excitement for them that you feel when it’s you out there.  They worked just as hard, they helped you, just as you played a part in their success along the way.

Our happiness and our excitement for our teammates success is an accomplishment as much as our stripes and our new belts.They are a part of the journey that helps each other make the decision to keep coming back, to keep partnering with each other to help learn and grow together, and eventually congratulate each other on our special nights.

Celebrate your friends victories as they are your own, we all have a piece of each other in every accomplishment we encounter!


Congratulations on your successes! I couldn’t be happier for you!!

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