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Vagner Rocha Becomes Two Division Champ at Fight 2 Win Miami

Vagner Rocha Becomes Two Division Champ at Fight 2 Win Miami


Vagner Rocha added another accolade to his grappling career by defeating Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes by unaminous decision last night at Fight 2 Win 89 in Miami.  Vagner is now the lightweight and the welterweight champion in Seth Daniel's Fight 2 Win Promotion.

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His straight at you approach has served him well over the last few years with his bronze medal performance in ADCC and his rise to be the Combat Jiu Jitsu Champion in the Eddie Bravo Invitational promotion and also a Kasai Pro finalist.  This approach has also helped him become the spokesman for the return to a more old school and savage version of jiu jitsu.

In his match with Tanquinho, this was apparent during a back take and sub hunt in the closing minutes where he employed a hand over the nose and mouth of Tanquinho to get him to potentially give up the RNC.  Tanquinho survived, but the judges gave the unanimous victory to Vagner Rocha.  What are your thoughts on the use of techniques like "the muffler" as Vagner refers to it.

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