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A white belt guide to drilling

A white belt guide to drilling



 What do we drill?

Anyone that trains must remember the first time we stepped foot on the mats. That’s where all these questions started. How to I tie my belt? Where do I stand? I’m not sure how to do the school warmup? I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to these questions as we all have asked them at one point or another.


This leads up to the next stage of questions. How do I get better and what do I need to practice? This is where everything gets a little cloudy. Many people will tell you that you should start with your takedowns. Others will tell you that you should work on your defense so you won’t be submitted. Everyone will tell you a different answer. I like to address the first problem or issue that keeps reoccurring. It could be something as simple as how to I start when rolling or live training. Once we have determined what we are going to start working on, I like to turn it into a drill. That we can both students will get repetitions. You can set up the drill on reps or on a timer. They key to the drill is stay relaxed and drill the move over and over and over. The moves have to become second nature and that only comes from the repetitions from drilling the technique.

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I believe that every new student should really focus on the basic movements and the fundamentals as they are the true keys to understanding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and improving. Once you have dedicated time to drilling these techniques you will see your game improve at a rapid pace. We all want to survive in our live training. Nothing is worst that being submitted over and over again. This is the reason we drill, to get better faster!!!     

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