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Simple Guillotine System from Butterfly Guard

Simple Guillotine System from Butterfly Guard


Simple System For Successful Guillotines! 

One thing Professor John Danaher does very well is create effective systems and have his students practice them a lot. Systems, for many grapplers, make more sense than just having a wide arsenal of techniques. In order to be a skilled Jiu Jitsu practitioner, one must learn how to connect techniques together rather than just getting good at a thousand different techniques. Systems are also easier to learn than learning dozens of individual transitions.

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There are numerous systems that can be utilized from almost every position in Jiu Jitsu. Leg attacking systems, back systems, kimura systems, and so on are all examples of simple systems that any student can learn. One system I use all the time with great success from butterfly guard is the guillotine system. Many students ignore the guillotine because they have a hard time finishing it, and it is a submission that is difficult to finish without a lot of practice. Even if you don’t like the guillotine as a submission, it is a good technique to use to threaten and sweep from.

There are two main guillotines that can be used effectively as submissions and positions for further movement: the high-elbow guillotine and the arm in guillotine. I am personally not a fan of the old school guillotine as it is near impossible to finish against even some tough white belts. The high elbow is an excruciating submission if applied correctly. With enough practice, the arm in guillotine can be just as effective.

Setting up a guillotine from butterfly guard is rather easy. Starting with a collar tie, shrimp back quickly while staying in the seated position. Simultaneously use the collar tie to bring your opponent’s head down and under your armpit. Immediately wrap the head and place your chest over the back of your partner. Depending on the circumstances, you can go to a high-elbow guillotine or arm-in.

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The system from here is simple. Start by attacking the submission to finish it. If your opponent begins to come forward and force their head to the ground, use your torso to push their head towards their knees and then use a simple butterfly hook sweep. Make sure you follow them to mount here to get a mounted guillotine finish. A third option from this system is when you are sweeping your opponent and they jump out to the side so as to not get swept. When they jump, allow the guillotine arm to come all the way through to your opponent’s arm pit and lock this grip up like a rear naked choke for an anaconda choke.

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