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To Drill or To Roll?

To Drill or To Roll?


Is Drilling or Rolling best for our development?

We spend countless hours on the mats perfecting our craft. How we choose to spend that time is of utmost importance to our progress. If you have a more open schedule, allocating time during multiple training sessions to cover a variety of topics may be an option for you. If you have a busier schedule you may have to be a little more calculating in where you are placing your focus.

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Do you spend the majority of your extra time rolling?

Rolling is 100% a necessity to your BJJ growth. Training with a resisting body is absolutely crucial to understanding the application of technique in a more realistic setting. But when we only roll, something tends to happen. We perpetuate bad habits we may have picked up along the way. We tend to lean on our most comfortable themes and techniques. Resolving to these home base tactics does not further our understanding of the areas in which we lack. Movement is paramount in BJJ. Certain movements will come more naturally than others to you, and we’ll use our most accessible attributes at first to advance our BJJ. But we need to explore other options. This doesn’t normally happen when live rolling, especially at the lower belt levels.

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So, I should just drill and not roll?

Not at all. Split your time up between the two. If you have an area of deficiency, seek out a drill that cleans up the rough spot in your game. Spend 10 minutes performing the drill before you roll. Or, designate a day where you will focus solely on drilling and a day you’ll give mire attention to your live training.

Focused drilling will sharpen your movements, and the best part, you’ll find these new ideas popping out in your training, making it more enjoyable and even a little more dynamic.

Grab a partner and get to work!

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