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Easy Stop to the Over Under Pass By Tom DeBlass

Easy Stop to the Over Under Pass By Tom DeBlass


ADCC Vet Uses Half Guard to Shut Down Over Under

The over under pass is easily one of the best passes you can add to your BJJ passing arsenal.  Categorized as a pressure pass, a good over under pass expert can staple even the strongest hips to the mat allowing the passer to easily make their way around the legs.  Take a competitor like Bernardo Faria who's entire passing repertoire is built on the foundation of the over under pass.  In the right hands, you don't need much more to pass every kind of guard.

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In his new Half Butterfly Guard series from BJJ Fanatics, Tom DeBlass offers some options when faced with a strong over under pass.  In this free video excerpted from the series, you're going to get all of the tools you need to stop the over under pass.  Check it out below!

 The Key Points to Stopping the Over Under Pass

Where are your hips in relation to their hips?

One of the first things that you must address is the fact that the opponent is trying to flatten your hips and pin you to the mat.  Your hips on the bottom need to be turn on the side.  With the help of your arm frames, you must hip out to be able to prevent the pass.

Are you using your legs and arms as frames?

Using the arms as frames against the approaching hips of the passing opponent and the arm as a frame against the opponent's head allows one to create the necessary space to hip out and bring the outside leg up over the head of the guard passer to prevent their movement to either direction.

The ease with which Tom DeBlass explains how to deal with one of the most troublesome passes, the over under, is indicative of his teaching style and quality of the instruction available here at BJJ Fanatics.  For more from The Half Butterfly Guard series, get your copy today!






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